Annual General Meeting

The highest level of decision-making authority within the Simon Fraser Student Society is at our General Meetings, of which there are two categories: Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Special General Meetings (SGM).

The AGM is held in the Fall semester of each year, usually around September and October. Required under the BC Society Act, Annual General Meetings ensure that the Society remains accountable  to all undergraduates at Simon Fraser University by requiring that the Board of Directors submit a report detailing their work through the fiscal year, as well as a presentation on the financial health of the organization in conjunction with our auditors.

When necessary, Special General Meetings can be called by the Board or by the membership as per the respective SFSS bylaw to address matters which cannot be postponed until the subsequent AGM. Like the AGM, SGMs also have the highest level of decision-making authority available to the membership.

General Meetings offer students the chance to direct their elected peers and determine the future activities of the SFSS. It is a forum where major policy decisions are made on issues ranging budget to policy, bylaw, or constitutional changes. Every member of the SFSS has a vote on all items brought forward for discussion. As a member, you can also take advantage of this platform to have your questions and concerns directly addressed by the elected Board of Directors, or propose motions to change what the SFSS is doing.

Quorum for General Meetings are currently set at 250 members, meaning that for any business beyond the core matters outlined in the bylaws to be considered at a General Meeting, attendance must reach that number. As such, your participation and attendance is incredibly important. Thanks for your interest in participating in the democratic process at the SFSS!

For more information on General Meetings, please get in touch with the Campaigns, Research, and Policy Coordinator at or in our offices on the 2000 level of the Maggie Benston Centre.

To submit a proposal for consideration at a members’ meeting, click here.

Documents for Upcoming AGM/SGM

The Annual General Meeting for the 2017-2018 occurred on 2017-09-29. There are no further General Meetings currently scheduled for the 2017-2018 year.

Past AGM and SGM Documents

This is a non-exhaustive list of documents from previous General Meetings compiled by the Communications Office from our electronic archives. Older documents may not yet be available in a digital version. If you are seeking a specific document, please contact the CEO at with your valid undergraduate SFU student number and the document requested with as much detail as possible.