Grant Program

SFSS Advocacy Committee is accepting applications for a grant from student and student organizations. Priority is given to student involved in advocacy at SFU. Four grants of up to $500.00 will be awarded until April 30, 2016.

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General Criteria:

Funding is available to:

  • To SFU undergraduate students and student groups
  • To groups that demonstrate accessibility and long term vision
  • For projects involving public education, conferences, workshops, and events

Priority is given to:

  • Individuals, groups and projects in the Lower Mainland
  • Individuals and groups working within their own communities
  • Initiatives that engage SFU students
  • Issues concerning post-secondary education including by not limited to affordability and accessibility
  • Student activism
  • Achievable goals and projects that are ready to go
  • Demonstrated delivery of projects on time and within budget
  • An approach that identifies realistic strategies to reach target populations
  • A project includes a commitment to represent the diverse needs of its audience
  • Groups without other funding, but groups with funding are encouraged to submit applications

Funding is not allocated to:

  • Student or work exchanges
  • Masters and PhD research at SFU
  • Groups fundraising to donate to other groups or causes (we prefer to donate directly)

Other Standard SFSS Restrictions:

  • Grants cannot be used to fundraise.
  • Grants cannot be applied retroactively.
  • Grant cannot be used to cover alcohol expense
  • Grant fund can’t be donated to any off-campus organizations.
  • Grants cannot be used to organize purely social events.
  • When applying for grant, some core funding must be used towards the event.
  • Groups can apply for up to 8% of the total grant funding budget per fiscal year - Click here to see more.
How to Submit:

Email: with the completed form

Use subject line: Advocacy Grant Request

Grants must be applied at least 3 weeks in advance of the event or campaign launch.

Applications will be assessed on the basis of the information provided by the applicant within the completed application forms and for their ability to achieve the objectives of the program.

The Advocacy Committee reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to fund or not fund any particular project or program for which an application is submitted. The decision to fund all or part on an applicant request will depend on its fit to the program priorities and assessment criteria.

Bear in mind that a grant may only be awarded in part. It helps to have other revenue sources to offset event costs, such as sponsorship, entrance fees, or charging for food/beverages, etc.

Any promotional material must include the SFSS Advocacy logo and indicate that funding was received from SFSS Advocacy. SFSS Advocacy also requires a copy of any printed, audio or video material produced with the grant.

The successful applicant will present a short report to the Advocacy Committee within two weeks of the date of their event.