Raajan Garcha - At-Large Representative

Position: Health Sciences Representative

Academics: Third year Health Sciences major in the Bachelor of Science program

SFSS Committees you sit on: Advocacy Committee and Events Committee

Previous experience you’d like to highlight: Executive on SFU Bhangra Club (Event Planning), Co-founder of Student Philanthropy Initiative Club

3 goals for this year on the SFSS:

  1. Raise awareness and advocate for issues pertaining to mental/sexual health,
  2. Put on a diversity of events to increase involvement, engagement, and networking for students in the Health Sciences Faculty.
  3. Hold SFSS events in Surrey and Vancouver campuses, not only in Burnaby.

3 fun/interesting facts about you:

  1. I compete internationally in Bhangra (Indian Folk Dance)
  2. I’m the biggest nerd ever, and want to become a doctor one day.
  3. I love adventures and hiking.
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