Dear SFSS members,

In light of the fatal shooting in Quebec and the recent travel ban in the United States, we need to speak up. Our community has been impacted by these tragic events. In the face of adversity, we must celebrate diversity; stronger, louder and prouder than we’ve ever been. Students, staff and faculty members have shared concerns, and I know we will harness our efforts to express support and stand in solidarity for all members in our multi-campus community.

The recent worldwide events have been unfortunate and highlights our community’s ongoing shared responsibility towards acknowledging intersectionalities. Closer to home, the SFSS has various clubs and student groups that highlight cultural interests and religious preferences, all which represent and serve our broad population. The SFSS prioritizes respect, inclusivity and acceptance within our diverse SFU community.

If you are and/or feel impacted, I welcome you to reach out to the appropriate services, listed below:

SFU Interfaith Centre

  • Burnaby [AQ 3200]
  • Vancouver [Harbour Centre, Room 7021]
  • Surrey [Floor 5, Interfaith 541]

SFU Global Student Centre [AQ 2013, by James Douglas Safe Study Area]

SFU International Services for Students [MBC 1200]

SFSS Women’s Centre [TC 3013 and TC 3014, by Rotunda]

SFSS Out on Campus [TC 314-N, by Rotuna]

SFU Health & Counselling Services

  •     Burnaby [MBC 0101]
  •     Vancouver [Harbour Centre, Room 300]
  •     Surrey [Mezzanine level, Room 2534]

SFU Campus Safety & Security Services

  •   Burnaby [Transportation Centre 001 and Discovery 1, Room 1300]
  •   Vancouver
  •   Surrey [Mezzanine, 24-hour Security Desk]

We are all SFU, a heterogeneous community filled with acceptance, respect, religious tolerance, cultural diversity and kindness. I implore you to never forget that. Thank you kindly.

Larissa Chen
Board of Directors
Simon Fraser Student Society

Read the full letter here.

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