Hi-FIVE Project Co-Coordinator

Job Description

The Hi-FIVE Movement for Mental Health aims to eliminate stigma toward those are experiencing mental health distress or illness, now or in the past. It is a positive campaign that encourages kindness and compassion, on and off-campus. The Project Co-Coordinator is a paid position that will be supervised by one member of Health & Counselling Services. As well, the Project Co-Coordinator will work closely with the Project Coordinator to lead the HiFIVE Movement. However, as Hi-FIVE is a student-run movement that is supported by both Health & Counselling Services and the Simon Fraser Student Society, both are responsible for remuneration. The Project Co-Coordinator will receive a stipend $120 every 2 weeks, upon completion of 4 hours of work per week between Jan 1, 2017 – June 2, 2017. The Project Co-Coordinator will be expected to continue as the Primary Project Coordinator for 10 hours a week during both the Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 terms (*contingent upon funding renewal for Fall & Spring 2017/2018).

The position will be active between January 2017 and May 2018 (*contingent upon funding renewal and/or availability for Fall & Spring 2017/2018). The position is not active from June 3 – start of Fall 2017.   

Responsibilities that include, but are not limited, to:

  • Working closely with SFU Health and Counselling Services (HCS) and the Simon
    Fraser Student Society (SFSS) to ensure that Hi-FIVE Team activities operate within
    the mandate of HCS and the SFSS;
  • Attending all necessary meetings including but not limited to weekly executive team
    meetings, bi-weekly volunteer team meetings, bi-weekly meetings with HCS, and SFSS
    meetings as per request;
  • Recording meeting minutes for above mentioned meetings as needed;
  • Monitoring the Hi-FIVE general email account and responding to all inquiries;
  • Overseeing operational budget for Hi-FIVE Team outreaches, events, and campaigns;
  • Securing funding;
  • Actively searching for outside funding avenues;
  • Working closely with the SFSS and HCS in the discussion of various gaps and
    problems with mental health resources on campus as well as discussing and
    implementing possible solutions;
  • Collaborating with Hi-FIVE Executive Team to maintain positive team structure;
  • Working with the HiFIVE Executive Team to finalize decisions about events and
    focused activities ensuring the themes are relevant and not duplicating another campus
  • Providing administrative support for the Hi-FIVE Team for scheduling regular volunteer
    and HCS meetings, booking venues, grant and sponsorship requests, ordering
    equipment and catering, design/print/copy requests, and organizing workshops;
  • Maintaining record of ongoing Hi-FIVE activities and revising Hi-FIVE organizational
    capacities as needed;
  • Ensuring that incoming volunteers receive Support Over Suicide and Students in
    Distress training as offered by HCS;
  • Maintaining and hosting ongoing meetings with university and community stakeholders
    to promote and support mental wellness at SFU;
  • Planning, organizing, and overseeing annual mental health ME week;
  • Seeking feedback on the establishment of an SFU mental health network, and
    developing a business/communications plan if feasible;
  • Maintaining  Hi-FIVE materials; and
  • Ad hoc duties as required.

The Project Co-Coordinator will be required report to one member of Health & Counselling Services for supervision, support, and guidance. This structure will help ensure the continuity of the Hi-FIVE campaign. The Project Co-Coordinator will report on activities, goals, accomplishments, and long-term plans on a monthly. Budget and spending to be reviewed monthly. Once the position is completed, the coordinator will be required to prepare a formal summary report of the past year and submit it to the SFSS and HCS.

To qualify, a successful applicant will be an SFU student in good academic standing. They will have flexibility to attend weekly meetings and excellent time-management and communication skills. The successful candidate will be passionate about eliminating the stigma of mental health across SFU campuses and have a good understanding of the services and resources that SFU offers to support students.

Note: Preference will be given to candidates already involved as a volunteer with the HiFIVE Movement. To get involved or learn more please contact HiFIVEsfu.coordinator@gmail.com

Email your application to HiFIVEsfu.coordinator@gmail.com no later than Thursday November 24th at 5:00pm. Short listed applicants will be contact no later than November 29th and interviews will take place between November 30 and Dec 2, 2016.


You can find the Nomination Form here
(You can find the Word version here)

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