Volunteer Positions Available! 

The following are the Student At-Large vacancies at present:
Granting Committee—1
Remuneration Advisory Committee—1
Stipend Appeals Committee—3


What’s in a Commitee? 

The best way to get involved with the SFSS is by joining a committee. As a student at-large you are a voting member of a committee and are able to have a direct impact on the operations of the society and on the campus community. All our meetings are governed under Robert’s Rules, check out our Committee Manual  to learn more about how we conduct our meetings.

To apply for a position as student at-large on a committee, simply fill out the Committee Application Form and send it along with any questions you might have to Dion at minutes@sfss.ca. Please ensure that you are available for the meeting time for this semester prior to applying.

To see a full list of our committees and their descriptions, click here. 


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