Hey everyone! The SFSS is once again hosting the 2017 Fall Kickoff concert, and we want your help to run it! We’ll need a team of dedicated volunteers to do a number of different jobs: everything from running the door and doing ticket sales, guiding people to the concert and running the after party, to being our street team and helping to promote the event. This provides a great opportunity to get involved in hosting the largest student-led event that the student society holds throughout the year, make countless new friends and get involved with the student society. Plus, all volunteers will receive free entry to the concert!

This concert is one of the largest, most important social events for students held all year. We feature big-ticket acts and will be catering to a large percentage of the undergraduate student body. This opportunity is not one to be missed. If you’re looking to contribute while socializing with the key players and student leaders on campus, this is a great way to accomplish it all.

The volunteer commitment will be relatively simple – we’ll need you for a training session, some general preparation, a volunteer social, and the kickoff event itself. We’ll be sure to keep you fed and happy every step along the way. Please fill out the google form by August 18th at the latest, and we’ll be in touch with you very shortly about your next steps. If you have any questions about getting involved with the concert, please send an email to concertvolunteers@sfss.ca and we’ll get back to you right away. Thanks for your interest and hope to see you soon!

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