SFU’s Burnaby Campus is located next to a large Petrochemical storage facility known as a Tank Farm. The federal government recently endorsed the Kinder Morgan Tank Farm expansion, which will triple the size of this Tank farm. Increasing the size of the tank farm, and volume of petrochemicals stored will expose those at SFU to unacceptable levels of risk. Ways to be involved in the campaign:  

Attend our rally on April 5th!

Check in for this event will begin at 2:30pm in MBC 2290 on April 5th, 2017. We will have signs and materials for participants to prepare in advance of the rally. Opening statements regarding the focus of the rally will begin at 3:30pm, and the rally will commence at 3:40pm.

To view our event page, click here.

Sign a letter to the Prime Minister

If you can’t attend the rally in person, please consider raising awareness about this issue by signing a letter addressed to the Prime Minister Trudeau. Letters will be sent to the Prime Minister on April 14th, and there are two options for participation:

  • Stop by our General Office to sign a hard copy of the letter in person.
  • Fill out the editable letter online (click here to download) and send it to vpexternal@sfss.ca

Please join us in person as we raise awareness about this important safety issue!

Questions regarding this campaign can be directed to:

Christine Dyson
VP External Relations



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