Thanks to CJSF for recording our Women in Canadian Politics event we hosted in November and airing it under their Featured Programs!

Check out the full broadcast:

On November 6 SFSS Advocacy, the Graduate Student Society, the SFU Women's Centre, and the Political Science Student Union hosted "Women in Canadian Politics". The Women in Canadian Politics event was a panel and discussion about the unique challenges women face in entering the political arena. Its purpose was to encourage women to participate in governance at all levels by preparing them for the challenges they will face and introducing them to like minded individuals. Panelists were asked about why they became involved in politics, what challenges they faced, what strategies they use/used to confront them, if men and women use different leadership styles, their major accomplishments, and their greatest hope for women in politics. Topics such as the impact of gender stereotypes, political equity mandates, and sexual harassment were raised. All ages and genders were encouraged to attend. This recording covers highlights of the event. 

Selina Robinson, current NDP MLA for Coquitlam Maillardville and former Coquitlam City Councillor
Amina Rai, former UBC Alma Matter Society President
Nicole Rogers, SFU Government and Community Relations Officer
Lisa Busche, former political support staff


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