Students United for Disability Support

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  • SUDS promotes the integration of students with disabilities into the greater community in Simon Fraser University (SFU) and their mission is to provide support, a form of representation, equal opportunities and an advocacy site for students with disabilities.
  • Students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to approach the SFSS with any new ideas or innovations. At the same time, they are more than welcomed to provide a feedback on how to improve their SFSS experience for them through the various forms of services that have been provided for them.
  • Departmental Student Unions (DSUs) will be aided by the SFSS Organizing Office during the organization of their social events so as to make it accessible to other fellow individuals in the SFU student body.

As a social group, SUDS strongly encourages students to step forth and participate in organising public events and activities for self identified disabled students on campus. This is also an experiential opportunity for students to acquire leadership, organising and management skills. Students with the passion and drive to serve the local community will make the best out of this volunteering experience with much aid and assistance rendered by the Organiser Office.

For more information, contact Antonio Daling, Student Union Organiser -

More about SUDS

SUDS is the constituency group of self-identified students with disabilities. This group is involved in developing, recommending, and responding to the policies of the SFSS and the University. SUDS elects a representative to SFSS Forum.

Two members from SUDS also help to advise on the use of the SFSS Accessibility Fund.  This fund enables event organizers and students to make SFSS events more accessible to people with disabilities.

SUDS’s goals is to be the collective voice for students with disabilities to the University, and to the Centre for Students with Disabilities.

You might also want to visit N.E.A.D.S., the National Educational Association for Disabled Students at

SFU’s Accessibility Policy for students with disabilities can be found on-line at

Campus Access Guide

The Campus Access Guide assists individuals with mobility challenges to maneuver around SFU’s campuses.  The Guide provides information such as location of elevators, automatic doors and accessible washrooms, and which areas are not accessible by wheelchair. The Guide is available on line at

For additional assistance, call 778.782.3112 to speak to a Disability Centre representative.

Centre for Students with Disabilities

The Centre, located at MBC 1250, was established to improve accessibility at SFU by developing and updating university policies and programs. The Centre is responsible for providing services to students with documented disabilities in order to ensure equitable access to the learning experience. 

Services may include, but are not limited to support for exam modifications, assistance with note-taking, access to adaptive technology, and coordination of interpretive and captioning services. Students requiring any of these services should contact the Centre as soon as possible, preferably three months prior to the start of a semester. Call 778.782.3112 or visit for further information.

Course Materials

Access to course materials in alternative formats is coordinated through the Centre for Students with Disabilities.  Access to other materials in alternative format may be arranged through inter-library loans in the Bennett Library.

Financial Assistance

There are a number of bursaries and scholarships specifically for students with a disability available through the Financial Assistance Office. Call 778.782.4356.

Library Services

For students with a disability, the Bennett Library offers the use of private study rooms, a closed circuit television to magnify text and graphics, a computer with ZoomText and adaptive stations. Contact Scott Mackenzie at 778.782.4081, or e-mail


The Chancellor’s Gymnasium weight room has equipment that is wheelchair-user accessible. The pool has an accessible changeroom on the pool deck. Call 778.782.3675.


McTaggart-Cowan Hall, Hamilton Hall and Louis Riel House offer rooms suitable for students with disabilities. Call 778.782.4805.


For schedule for wheelchair accessible buses, phone 604.953.3333. Specialised transportation services are also provided by Coast Mountain Bus Company Accessible and HandyDART. Phone 604.575.6600.