All SFSS clubs have the privilege of use to almost any space that SFU has to offer! These include Harbour Centre, SFU Surrey, SFU Burnaby and SFSS rooms, recreational facilities, and open spaces (i.e. Convo Mall). Your location of first choice may not always be available, so always have one or two alternatives in mind. Groups may request weekly or monthly bookings (e.g. for weekly meetings)

How to Book

Room request forms can be completed in the SFSS Student Centre. They take three to five business days to process, so plan in advance to make sure your club gets space that is appropriate for your event! Only club executives with room booking authority, designated on the club portal, may request rooms on the club’s behalf.

If required, your club can book equipment and furniture.

Health permits are not needed if you are offering snacks to club members.

Booking Costs

Most rooms are free, but some have a cost. Every club received a $400 room booking fund per semester to help cover these costs. If a room costs more than $400, clubs can apply for a grant.

Fees must be paid before booking is finalized – so make sure you have the money available (whether from fundraisers, donations, grants, or core, etc.)

How do I make my event/meeting accessible?

The SFSS Accessibility Fund began in 2005. Students with disabilities and event organizers can use this fund to increase accessibility and remove barriers for students with disabilities wanting to participate in club activities. Please come into the SFSS Student Centre to pick up a Requesting Accessibility Form.

Movie Nights & Film Screenings

The SFSS has a site license with Criterion. You can freely screen movies that are listed on their data base If your movie is not on the list, you will need to purchase a viewing license from the film’s distributor to show the film.

You can book AV equipment (DVD/VHS players, projectors, speakers) and have them set up through the SFSS Student Centre. Costs may vary. Please book at least 3 days in advance.