Directory of Clubs


To support Canadian Cancer Society, relying on donations and volunteer help, we strive to increase awareness about cancer and raise funds for Canadian Cancer Society through a series of social events. Included in our agreement with Canadian Cancer Society 100% of the funds donated by our club are directed to actual research; not administration.

350 – SFU

To raise awareness among students, faculty, and alumni about SFU’s role in mitigating climate change.

Accessible Education Association (AEA)

To support the organization as a branch, to help people around the world while giving students different opportunities.

Accounting Student Association – SFU

The SFU Accounting Student Association (ASA) is an organization made up of highly-dedicated students with the mission of assisting student towards their professional life. In order to accomplish this mission, our association provides three types of services: facilitation of information and networking, self-growth, and fellowship.

Actions – SFU

Actions is a non-profit club committed to promoting public awareness of the struggles and discrimination of the homeless community in Vancouver. ACTIONS also aspires to supply a place for like-minded students to work together towards a worthy cause through fundraisers and events.

Actions Worth Taking

To create an inclusive atmosphere where students engage in creating goals, events, and movements to empowering themselves and the community through the means of community involvement and personal growth. We aim to inspire students to use volunteering and other activities to foster their passion. We intend to create change through taking action.

Active – SFU

We encourage individuals to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle of academics and athletics by providing social gatherings and sporting events of fun and games.

Advocacy for Men & Boys – SFU

We endeavour to build a movement centered on raising awareness of issues affecting Men and Boys through public education. Our our focus shall be on positive, non-violent activism for a healthier society. Issues may include: men’s health, fathers and family issues, suicide, violence, safety, workplace issues, misandry, crime and punishment.

African Students’ Association

Celebrating African diversity and unity. ASA is a student group engaging students of African descent and all those interested in positive discourse on Africa. Our mission is to focus solely on Africa, its issues and progress.

Afro dance club

Afro dance club intends to be a club where the African culture is expressed through dancing. This club would teach people with an interest in African cultural dances the different dance moves. Dancing is effective for students to keep fit.

Agape Impact

To know Jesus, to share the Good News of Jesus, and to grow in Jesus Christ

Website: http://

Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association

To provide religious information and services, a platform to encourage and engage in religious activities and to create a dialogue with other religious groups within SFU. Also, to provide awareness and education regarding the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.

AIDS Awareness Network

The AAN is a student-driven organization that operates within the Faculty of Health Sciences. The club reaches out to the SFU community and the GVA to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. The AAN engages students in knowledge and skill development activities which translate into meaningful benefits to people affected by HIV/AIDS.


The world’s largest student-run non-profit that develops change agents through international opportunities.


The Association of Korean Canadian Scientists and Engineers promotes interest in the area of science and engineering.

ALAS (Association of Latin American Students)

Provide a space of entertainment and learning for Latin American students and those who love the Latino culture. We want to promote a space that cherish our multicultural community, while fostering an environment of respect and growth.

Alpha Kappa Psi

“Providing resources for enhancing the educational experience of future business leaders.”

Altered Reality Club

SFU’s premiere gaming and nerd culture club. We serve as SFU’s source for gaming and tabletop activities. We are dedicated to providing an environment where SFU students interested in video games, board games and tabletop RPG’s (Dungeons&Dragons, Dark Heresy, Call of Cthulu etc.) can meet and discuss such topics as well as gain new friends.

Anime Club – SFU

To bring together like-minded students who wish to share their appreciation for anime and manga, and related interests/hobbies.

Arab Students’ Association

The Arab Students’ Association is here to celebrate the diverse cultures and experiences that unite under a collective Arab identity. The ASA aims at bringing together SFU’s Arab students and all those who identify or connect with an Arab society. By holding a variety of cultural events, we also invite the broader community to engage with us.