Directory of Clubs

Power to Change (P2C)

To help students discover Jesus. We want to add spiritual value to students’ lives during their time in university by providing them with opportunities to explore spiritual things through meaningful conversations in the context of discussion groups, meetings and special events.

Pre-Law Society – SFU

The SFU Pre-Law Society is intended for all students who plan on pursuing a future career or education in law. The Pre-Law Society aims to connect students involved in the law school admission process through hosting meetings, events and information sessions.

Pre-Med Society – SFU

The SFU Pre-Med Society is a group of students interested in entering the field of medicine. Info on admissions, med school options, and the MCAT plus interview prep, volunteering, hearing from current med students, and networking with other pre-meds. Join us! SFU clubs/students/external organizations, please contact:

Pre-Optometry Society – SFU

The SFU Pre-Optometry Society serves as a network for students who are interested in the field of optometry. Our purpose is to provide members with OAT preparation, volunteering opportunities, fundraisers and hearing from optometrists.

Website: http://

Pre-Pharm Society (PPS)

The SFU Pre-Pharm Society serves as an association of students intending on pursuing a career in pharmaceutical sciences. Our purpose is to aid students in the admission process through information sessions, PCAT preparation, interview preparation, semestral fundraisers, volunteering opportunities, and more.

Pre-Policing – SFU

Preparing and equiping all future law enforcement applicants with the skills and background to be successful in their career pursuits.

Project S.A.V.E.

Project S.A.V.E (Sustaining And Valuing the Environment) is a student-led environmental initiative that develops youth environmental leaders through organizing eco-friendly methods of waste disposal . Our current focus is on stationary recycling.

Punjabi Student Association – SFU

The Simon Fraser University Punjabi Student Association was established by SFU students in 1996. The PSA has created an avenue for students at SFU to discover and celebrate the richness of the Punjabi culture along with allowing students to make positive contributions in the community.

Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness aims to promote the importance of mental and physical health, and nurture a safe and supportive network for students. We address the challenges of overall wellness experienced by the members of our community through engaging events. Funds raised from our events go back to SFU to help provide more effective health services.

Red Cross Club – SFU

We aim to connect SFU students to the Canadian Red Cross, raising both awareness and funds for Red Cross programs. We also strive for further humanitarian involvement within our community through volunteering and community-based projects.

Redeemed Christian Fellowship (RCF)

A People Who Dare To Be Different…Building Lives For Christ

Rehabilitative Therapy Club

We aim to help and support students who are looking to pursue a career in rehabilitative therapies (occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and respiratory therapy), as well as gain awareness about what the jobs entails, and create a support network for students wanting to pursue these professions.

Website: http://

Restorative Justice Club

Building respect and community within SFU. This includes building community through a shared understanding, a shared resilience and a shared tomorrow.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaj Yoga meditation is an effective tool for stress reduction. Authentic meditation enables one to focus on the present moment rather than dwell on the unchangeable past or the undetermined future. This is done by achieving a state of ‘thoughtless awareness’ where the stress producing activity of the mind is neutralized without loss of alertness.

Sanguosha – SFU

“Sanguosha” is now the most popular game card in China, SFU Sanguosha club is for the SFU student who like and want to play this game together; also this club will be a Chinese international students union, and it will help the new student to get familiar with this community and school faster.


We at the sanity club believe that change and revolution starts from within. People are dead set on changing the world but they must change themselves first. We will provide the knowledge, community, and means to help individuals fuel this change. This will be done by aiding in the cultivation of a set of personal core principles and values.

Website: http://

Satellite Design Club

To discuss, design, plan, and build artificial satellites and their mission profiles.

Savage Entertainment

Bettering SFU’s student experience one night at a time.

Save the Highland

To raise awareness of the SFSS’s decision regarding the closure of its Food and Beverage Services.

Scottish and Celtic Society – SFU

To provide a link to all things Scottish and Celtic at SFU. The SCS promotes and facilitates learning and events surrounding the history, art and culture of Scottish and Celtic societies in Canada and abroad. Membership is open to all students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members of SFU. Join to be a part of SFU’s Scottish connection.