Directory of Clubs

SafeGuard Oceans

SafeGuard Oceans works with the community at SFU to help decrease the amount of debris that is present at shorelines and in the ocean. We work towards helping marine life live a clean and healthy life by providing aid for the environment. Our ongoing fundraisers will go towards the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and the Ocean Pollution Research.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaj Yoga meditation is an effective tool for stress reduction. Authentic meditation enables one to focus on the present moment rather than dwell on the unchangeable past or the undetermined future. This is done by achieving a state of ‘thoughtless awareness’ where the stress producing activity of the mind is neutralized without loss of alertness.


We at the sanity club believe that change and revolution starts from within. People are dead set on changing the world but they must change themselves first. We will provide the knowledge, community, and means to help individuals fuel this change. This will be done by aiding in the cultivation of a set of personal core principles and values.

Website: http://

Satellite Design Club

To discuss, design, plan, and build artificial satellites and their mission profiles.

Savage Entertainment

Bettering SFU’s student experience one night at a time.

Save the Highland

To raise awareness of the SFSS’s decision regarding the closure of its Food and Beverage Services.

Scottish and Celtic Society – SFU

To provide a link to all things Scottish and Celtic at SFU. The SCS promotes and facilitates learning and events surrounding the history, art and culture of Scottish and Celtic societies in Canada and abroad. Membership is open to all students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members of SFU. Join to be a part of SFU’s Scottish connection.

Self-Publishing Club

To help people of all skill levels and abilities to create and self-publish their work. We hope to connect artists with resources to make visions a reality. We approach art with a lens of social responsibility and counterculture to dismantle the idea that the production and consumption of art is accessible only to those with the means to grasp it.

SFSS Club Headquarters

To test database things!

SFU Animation

To bring people together to make animation in a fun and collaborative environment.

SFU Arduino Club Surrey – Surrey

SFU Arduino Club Club is an open, inclusive and multidisciplinary group that collaborates on engineering and electronic projects. We work with different development boards to integrate them in a Mecha-tronic system to create a fully functioning and robust product. In the process we encourage sharing of hardware, tools, skills and knowledge openly.

SFU Artists

A club for artists of any kind to connect and collaborate.


An opportunity for those interested, learning or fluent in American Sign Language to practice and socialize.
Through movies, videos, and events, we learn about Deaf culture and the Deaf community. We also provide resources and information for those looking to learn ASL or improve their current skills.

SFU Autistics United

SFU AU strives to promote the inclusion of autistic people and disabled people in the conversations and decisions that affect our lives; to build connections in the autistic community and foster a strong sense of autistic identity and pride; and to engage the SFU community in disability awareness, justice and advocacy.

SFU Birding Club

To engage in birding and bird-related activities such as bird watching, bird education, and more.

SFU Blockchain Club

To educate and create an awareness surrounding burgeoning blockchain technologies and its potential to fundamentally disrupt industries.

Activities include workshops and weekly/bi-weekly meetings to discuss about blockchain projects.

SFU Blood For Life

SFU Blood For Life aims to raise awareness about the need for blood and stem cell donors while providing students/members of the SFU community the opportunity to join this cause. Our goal is to ensure that individuals have the information they need to participate through both the traditional donation routes and non-traditional roles.

SFU Cantonese Club

Cantonese aim to build a community for people have different cultural background. Students can learn more about the Cantonese culture through some events and festivals. We encourage people to share experiences with others and gaining cultural knowledge from others.

SFU Climbing Club

To create a social group for existing climbers at SFU, and to introduce the sport of rock climbing to the students of SFU.

SFU Club of Knowledgeable Youngsters (Short: SKY)

our club want to build a platform that everyone can share and learn from others by collecting knowledge and experiences from students and leaving it to the new generalization. We are also intent to offer a guide for new comers of SFU and Canada with detailed guideline from the basic information of school to the interest points near Vancouver;