Directory of Clubs

SFU Code

To bring together students interested in the design and development of digital products and services, fostering a community of practice where students can complete projects, learn from others, and share their own knowledge.


SFU COLOUR is a student-led and focused club dedicated to bringing colour and community to SFU’s campuses. Working together with students and facilities, our projects work to create and install pieces of artwork to transform our campuses’ physical spaces. Our dream is to collaborate with students and local artists to create a better campus

SFU Conservatives

The SFU Conservatives hope to support the Conservative Party of Canada, to foster knowledge sharing between peoples interested in politics, to promote the discussion of ideas between conservative-minded individuals, to encourage active participation in local and federal politics, and to provide students the opportunity to get involved.

SFU Cribbage Club

To promote the game of cribbage on campus. Introduce our hobby to newcomers and provide a means for enthusiasts of the game to interconnect.

SFU Cricket Club

This club aims at bringing together all the cricket enthusiasts at SFU for informative, entertaining and enjoyable events, discussions, get-togethers and light play.

SFU Cryptocurrency Club

Join the SFU Cryptocurrency Club to network, and learn about all things cryptocurrency. We host info sessions, networking events, and events with industry professionals. We welcome students from all backgrounds and knowledge levels!

SFU Disney

To bring Disney fans together.

SFU Dragon Boat

To promote and build a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community around the sport of dragon boat paddling at SFU. Additionally, SFU Dragon Boat facilitates the creation and support of the day to day operation of SFU dragon boat teams.

SFU Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Club

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an internationally recognized award that recognizes youth for their achievements in the areas of service, physical activity, skill, and adventurous journey. This SFU club strives to support fellow participants through providing mentorship and opportunities.

SFU Electromaker

Our club mandate is to fostering interest in the field of electronics for students from various backgrounds. SFU Electromaker will provide students with opportunities to gain hands-on experience in a fun learning environment where materials and instruction are provided. It also assists students in developing their own devices in an innovative way.

SFU Equestrian Club

To promote and facilitate the strength, unity and knowledge base of SFU student, faculty, and alumni equestrians of all disciplines and skill levels.

SFU eSports Association

To serve as a unifying brand for various student led gaming communities across the region

SFU Film Club

Encourage filming amateurs getting deeper in filming and acting techniques.

Website: http://

SFU First Responders

To provide those with an interest in first aid with the opportunity to keep their skills up to date, train to improve them and meet others with similar interests as well as to gain practical experience through volunteer service.

SFU Fishing Society

To encourage and teach awareness of safe and sustainable fishing practices while bringing the SFU community together.

Website: http://

SFU Foosball

SFU Foosball organizes foosball events on campus, both casual and competitive.

Website: http://

SFU Fortnite

Giving Fortnite players of all skill levels a platform to get more people involved in the SFU community and the popular free to play, Battle Royale style game. We also aim to connect players by holding events with the goal of friendly competition and getting acquainted in squads and duos.

SFU French Conversation Club

The SFU French Conversation Club is open to all members of the SFU community who like to speak French. We aim to create a casual place for French speakers of various skill levels to enjoy conversation and games, practising the langue de Molière the whole time!

SFU Greens

To provide an opportunity for students to learn about the Green Party, and to help support Green Party candidates in this upcoming federal election.

Website: http://

SFU Guitar Players Society

The main aim of this club is to provide a platform for all guitar players around the campus to get to know other guitar players so that they can jam or collaborate together. There’s going to be weekly jam sessions where anybody is welcome to perform and mingle with other guitar players.