Directory of Clubs

SFU Sketch Club

From professionals to hobbyists, anyone who is interested in drawing and the community that surrounds it is free to join!

SPRING 2018 @ Wednesdays 2:30-6pm (usually RM 3290); Facebook @ groups/dsketching

SFU Social Activities Society (SAS)

As the SFU Social Activities Society, our aim is to enhance the university experience by encouraging SFU students to be more socially engaged while having fun. We want to provide a variety of events and social gatherings that will cater to everyone. Our promise to our club members is that we will strive to make them feel appreciated and included.

SFU Sports Analytics Club

Where data and sports come together. We aim to connect individuals interested in sports, data, or analysis to share ideas and opinions. As data is more prevalent and publicly available than ever, we promote the importance of usage of data to investigate sports-related issues in the light of improving performance and strategies.

Website: http://

SFU Starcraft

To train a Starcraft team to represent SFU in the CSL esports league, and to promote Starcraft at SFU by running student viewing, competition, and barcraft events.

Website: http://

SFU Sustainable Development

To bring awareness of holes in our modern day paradigm and provide solutions and ideas via sustainable development.

Website: http://

SFU Techness

To help prospective students from various faculties, concentrations and interests come together to experience the bridge between the technology and business. As the world continues to undergo significant development within the technology and business sectors, SFU Techness will advocate the need for awareness and experience.

SFU Tennis

SFU Tennis is a social club that focuses on bringing people together who share a passion for tennis. We encourage people from all levels of play to join us for club events, and ladder challenges. Looking for a coach? Drop us an email and we will point you in the right direction. Check out our Facebook and IG (!

SFU Trading Club

To provide students with a professional trading platform and foster our student based community by encouraging discussions on trading strategies, and improving trading activities through collaboration.

SFU Wish Youth Network Society

SFU Wish Youth Network Society strives to provide emotional and financial support to youth with serious medical conditions as well as their families, fostering a community of optimism and support, and empower youth through community engagement and fundraising.

SFU XinViteer Volunteer Club

XinViteer Volunteer Club is a registered BC NPO to increase public awareness of supporting people needed help in Vancouver. Establishing a platform for students to keep the connection with volunteer information and opportunities to gain volunteer experiences and certification.

SFU’s Hearthstone Inn

Provide an open, accommodating environment for both casual and competitive Hearthstone enthusiasts.

SFU-Zhejiang Uni. (ZJU) Dual Degree Program Club (DDP Club)

To facilitate cultural and educational exchanges between SFU and ZJU DDP students by: ZJU students helping SFU students prepare for their experience in China, and SFU students helping ZJU students transition to life at SFU.

Website: http://


SFUnison is SFU’s a cappella group. Have you always wanted to make music, but felt tied down by the thought of committing to playing an instrument? All you need to bring is your voice! We are open to all skill levels!

SGI Buddhist Club – SFU

Create value in our daily lives and in the lives of others through our dedication to the SGI ideals of “peace, culture, and education” based on a sound understanding of Buddhist philosophy.

Shia Muslim Society

Open dialogue between all Muslim and non-Muslim SFU students.

Shopping For U

Our vision is to buy potentially interesting,useful or “funny” products from internet merchants like Amazon. We will try out the chosen products and evaluate them through a club discussion panel as a fun way to educate consumers.The products are not limited to Amazon, as long as it is approved by a majority vote (minimum 60%).

Sikh Students Federation for Khalistan

Sikh Students Federation for Khalistan is a non – profit activist club of Sikh Students in Simon Fraser University. We are a group of around ten students from different faculties trying to make a change within the Sikh community by giving it a University level.

Sikh Students’ Association – SFU

Establish a strong network for those who are exploring the Sikh way of life. We hope to achieve this by promoting Sikh values such as equality, peace and truthful living in order to create a strong and united Sikh community at Simon Fraser University.

Simon Fraser Cinematography

Simon Fraser Cinematography exists to provide exciting and unique opportunities for students who are interested in the art and techniques of making and reproducing motion pictures. SFC will strive to bring students together from learning and understanding cinematography languages through practices and professional hands-on guidance.

Ski and Snowboard Club

The Ski and Snowboard club is focused on bringing together the SFU shred community, regardless of abilities on the slopes! We’re just a group of gnarly people looking for more gnarly people to be gnarly with! If you’re looking for good times, and to make some turns on the slopes this season, this club is for you!