Directory of Clubs

Surrey Basketball Club – SFU – Surrey

The SFU Surrey Basketball Club (SBC) will distinguish itself from other basketball leagues/clubs due to the fact that it is completely casual and accepting of anyone. The club is for any skill level/gender. It will implement a no-judgement zone. Club members will meet in SFU Surrey to decide where to play (In Surrey).

Table Tennis @ SFU Surrey – Surrey

We seek to facilitate student engagement and interdisciplinary interaction, as well as improve each individual’s physical health, through the shared recreational activity of Table Tennis (Ping Pong).

Taiwanese Association – SFU

We are the bridge between Canada and Taiwan. We promoting Taiwanese culture on our campus and the greater Vancouver area.

Team Guardian

Team Guardian designs, builds, and deploys unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to participate in national and international competitions. We welcome and bring together students from various backgrounds – from engineering to communications – to work on the edge of UAS technology.

Team Phantom: SFU Formula SAE Electric

The goal of this club is to compete in the Formula SAE Electric Competition. The club will do this by designing and creating a fully electric vehicle using engineering principles.

Tech Entrepreneurs (Tech-E) Club

This club is for students who are interested Tech Entrepreneurship. The objective of the club is to bring together Engineering students with students from other faculties.

Website: http://


Technovus is family of hardworking, pizza eating, solder infused dorks. We teach robotics workshops for all levels, host and compete in hackathons, hangout, and work on challenging projects. We learn from each other, share tools, make fun of each other, and grow together. Robotics, Inappropriate Jokes, Random Shenanigans, and Heart. That’s us.

The Go Club

To bring people together with the game of Go! Go is a strategy board game played by two people. The winner is decided by the amount of territory. Traditionally Go has been played in China, Japan, and Korea.

The Personal Training Club (PTC)

Promoting personal training for anyone interested in improving their knowledge of health and fitness. Providing background information about personal training topics such as nutrition, exercise and prospective careers in the field. In addition to providing events informing members on personal training certifications.

The Point

A club on campus whose goal is to Love God, Love People, Serve All, by hosting events open to those part of The Point Church and to those who are not. Through worship and service, we aim to foster a positive atmosphere on campus where students can explore what it means to follow Jesus.

The Rubicon

The Rubicon is a student run magazine that is dedicated to providing a non-partisan platform for students to write and report on a diverse variety of topics.

The SAM Project

The club aims to support and spread awareness to the ongoing projects that SAM carries out in Zambia. SAM stands for Sustainability through Agriculture and Microenterprise. If you have any interest in supporting NGOs or interning abroad this is for you.

The SFU Book Club

For those who love to get lost in words.

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” N. Gaiman

Thé SFU Tea

We aim to encourage and maintain the appreciation of tea in all forms.

The Social Media Network

To guide students in creating original individual content through the use of social media; by providing them an environment that promotes learning, professionalism, innovation, creativity, and teamwork.

The Study of Post-Modern Visual Arts Society

The Study of Post-Modern Visual Arts Society mandates that the Society studies, partakes, creates, enjoys, purchases, and utilizes the media, products, creations, and entertainment of the growing field of Post-Modern Visual Arts. The Society shall unite students and others alike with a unique method of engagement.


The Writer’s Art

The Writer’s Art exists to serve the community through creative writing. The club empowers youth through helping them develop leadership and teamwork skills through activities such as leading original writing programs at institutions of need.

Thoughts R Life

The mentors in the world can only teach their respective areas of expertise. We believe that success in life is not just success in a particular field; it is success as a holistic person: success in our thoughts & actions.

By receiving God’s wisdom, achieve the ultimate life-transformation and create the foundation for a successful future!

Today’s BC Young Liberals

Today’s BC Young Liberals at SFU hopes to provide unique and exciting opportunities for students to participate within the political community and engage with other like-minded individuals.

Trading Card Games Club – Surrey

To enjoy competitive matches and leisure experiences through trading card games and associated events.