Directory of Clubs

Thoughts R Life

The mentors in the world can only teach their respective areas of expertise. We believe that success in life is not just success in a particular field; it is success as a holistic person: success in our thoughts & actions.

By receiving God’s wisdom, achieve the ultimate life-transformation and create the foundation for a successful future!

Today’s BC Young Liberals

Today’s BC Young Liberals at SFU hopes to provide unique and exciting opportunities for students to participate within the political community and engage with other like-minded individuals.

Trading Card Games Club – Surrey

To enjoy competitive matches and leisure experiences through trading card games and associated events.


Opening the doors for individuals to travel and grow.

Turkish Canadian Association – SFU

The main purpose of SFU’s Turkish Canadian Association is to carry out advocacy and promotion in the interest and on behalf of Turkish Canadian students.

SFU Turkish Canadian Association is a secular organization, and has no political or religious affiliations.

Turning Point Canada at Simon Fraser University

Turning Point Canada’s mission is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and capitalism through innovative campus activism and non-partisan, thought-provoking discussion.

Undecided Majors

Enhancing SFU’s social environment and creating new friendships between students through organizing various meetups and events on and off campus


Our focus is to advocate, educate, and fundraise to join the global effort of reversing child-focused humanitarian issues in the developing world.

Unified for Change: SFU Chapter

Unified 4 Change: SFU Chapter will work hand in hand with the goals of Unified 4 Change, which is hosting a banquet hall fundraiser to support homeless shelters in lower mainland. The funds raised would go directly to the shelters to add beds and better the overall conditions. We want to generate support at SFU to tackle homelessness.

University Bible Fellowship

To help students study the Bible and live according to its teachings.

University Christian Ministries

To promote the development of spiritual friendships through Biblical teachings and fellowship.

UPhoto Photography Club

Everyone who is interested in photography is welcome to join UPhoto. You don’t have to be a professional photographer or own a fancy camera to participate in our events. Our goal is simple: to provide those who are interested in photography a platform to have fun and to learn skills from others!


To collect students who love writing and are able to introduce some popular food and fun place of Vancouver to people.
Give a guideline to new students about events they should know and they may be interested in.

Vancouver Experience

Our club holds various activities. We help our members to join the community and experience different things through their university life. We organize board game activities, small tours, group volunteers, and parties for our members.


The fashion community at SFU

Variety for Tomorrow – SFU

We host events throughout the year to fundraise on behalf of Variety – the Children’s Charity. All of our proceeds support children with special needs in British Columbia. We also offer the opportunity to volunteer at some of Variety’s events, such as the Show of Hearts Telethon, Boat for Hope and their Christmas parties.

Website: http://

Varsity Adventures Club (VAC)

Our objective is to unite the school on common grounds, not as faculties, but as SFU students through various campus-wide ‘adventures.’ We hope to build a school-spirited community through our events to serve as a foundation that will not only enhance their ‘varsity’ experience, but also inspire future students to engage within SFU.


We intend to: Foster awareness, open discussion and critical thinking to the nutritional values of a plant based lifestyle. Bring awareness about animal rights where factory farmed animals are concerned.
To be inclusive: open to ALL people, regardless of being vegan or not. We only require that you be open minded, open to learning, and respectful.

VEX Robotics

***New members welcome. Meetings are 1:30-5:30 (drop-in style) every Friday in room ASB 9896***

VEX robotics is an integrated design system that is extremely versatile yet easy to learn. You will learn how to make a competitive robot with different subsystems such as: motors, sensors, programming, structure, and more!

Website: http://

Vietnamese Student Association

An official group for all Vietnamese students and all those who are interested in Vietnamese culture at Simon Fraser University.