Directory of Clubs

Wildlife Conservation – SFU

We are group of students dedicated to the education, promotion and conservation of wildlife. We provide connections to volunteer and job opportunities and host events related to biology and the environment.

Wings Of Hope

We stand in solidarity to give Mental Health a voice by fostering an active conversation through awareness and action, and extending a helping hand to those who endure the fight against it every day. Let us all join our hearts and minds to end the stigma against mental health.

Website: http://

Women In Engineering

To provide support and maintain communication between the women in Engineering Science Department.

Women in STEM

Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Mathematics) is a networking club open to those in all fields of the faculty of sciences. It is catered to women, but all are welcome as long as there is an interest in science. We hope to create a supportive environment for those in the STEM faculties to pursue careers in science.

World University Services of Canada-SFU

To foster human development and global understanding through education and training.

Xongos Arts Club

Xongos Arts Club is a group that aims to experiment, explore, discover, and play with multiple parallel ideas in order to find connections that create new realities through the use of multidisciplinary-art and science.

XR Club

A club for XR enthusiasts to enjoy, and learn more about the technology

Website: http://

Young Liberals of Canada – SFU

The SFU YLC’s goals are to ensure adequate representation of youth within the Liberal Party of Canada; promote and espouse the views of Young Liberals on a regular basis internally and externally to the Liberal Party of Canada; develop and educate Young Liberals in the various aspects of the political process.

Young Women in Business SFU

YWiB SFU strives to engage leaders from all faculties through opportunities for personal and professional growth. We encourage members to achieve success on their own terms through our programs that focus on mentorship, networking, philanthropy and tangible skill building.
To join YWiB please apply via our website: