Directory of Clubs

Ascend Leadership

As the 2nd University Chapter of Ascend in Western Canada, Ascend SFU’s primary vision is to enhance the presence, influence, and visibility of current and future Pan-Asian leadership in our community.

Aspiring Young Afghans Club (AYAC)

To connect students (afghan/non-afghan), provide networking opportunties, and increase cultural and cross-cultural awareness.

Astronomy Club – SFU

To promote and practice amateur astronomy and facilitate related activities at SFU and in the greater community.

Athletes In Action

Faith based community that explores issues in sport and how they interact with student life. Through the christian lens we aim to empower the total athlete.

Aviation – SFU

To promote aviation within the SFU community.

Bangladesh Students’ Alliance

Promote the heritage of Bangladesh at SFU. Provide assistance to both new and existing students from Bangladesh. Organize social & cultural events to create a multicultural acquaintanceship within the SFU community.

Barkada SFU

To promote the Filipino value of “kapwa” (togetherness) through the organization’s events and by epitomizing “pakikipagkapwa” (kindness)

Basic Income SFU

Basic Income SFU advocates for basic income policy as a way to reduce poverty. We research projects that have taken place around the world, work with teams in Metro Vancouver to develop guidelines for a national policy, and educate students about basic income using a variety of interactive events and activities.

Beautiful World Champions Club – SFU Chapter

Beautiful World works with local partners in Uganda, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone to improve the lives of girls living in poverty, through the power of education.

Benevolent Association (BA)

The SFU Benevolent Association (SBA) aims to assist various causes or organizations that do not gain enough recognition locally and internationally. We help bring together diverse group of individuals from different faculties to serve others while giving students the opportunity to expand their skills in order to become successful leaders.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies – Vrais Copains Canada is a national charitable organization dedicated to enhancing our communities through one-to-one friendships between people with intellectual disabilities and students.


Beverage Enthusiasts Society

The Beverage Enthusiast Society is focused around learning the art of mixology and love of all drinks.
Join us on a journey and a fantastic experience through our tastebuds in the exquisite world of beverages!

Bhangra – SFU – Surrey

To spread and promote health and well being as well as provide students with an avenue to connect with their artistic side as well as getting a great cardiovascular workout through the wonderful dance of Bhangra. Great for people of all cultures, backgrounds and dance levels.

Blender Club

The goal of this club is to teach people about 3D design, including animation, modeling, design, and production, and then work together to create films in a fun environment for film festivals using the Blender program.
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Our goal is to build a community of like-minded people and supply the tools that would allow one to gain control over their lives; through relaxed discussion about personal development in a creative, respectful and eclectic atmosphere. Informational sources like articles, book extracts, videos, etc; are the clubs tools to get information across.


The main pillar of BROOKED will and always be, to raise the social atmosphere at SFU. Our second pillar cooperation and third quality. We believe that social events are key to a schools pride and overall sense of community. We have a passion to raise SFU’s social atmosphere and are working extremely hard to do it.

Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters

This club aims at improving members’ public speaking skills and expanding their social network.

Business Speaking Competition and Fundraiser

To support RainCity Housing’s community initiatives through the annual implementation of the Business Speaking Competition — an improvised speaking competition where competitors sell a product they’ve never seen or heard about before.

Calvary Worship Center SFU-Campus Vibes Movement

We seek to to proclaim the gospel of Christ to all nations and to equip them for their ministry in the church and in the world

Campus Association of Baha’i Studies

A space created to discuss and share thoughts about various teachings of God and learn about engaging in the prevalent discourses of society. CABS seeks to provide a forum for students of all races, colours, classes, nationalities and religions to discuss the urgent issues facing society today.

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