Directory of Clubs


We aim to provide students with an opportunity to try out new foods from a myriad of cultural backgrounds. We also look forward to providing info on nutrition, making healthy choices, and how food is made. It’s more than just a food club, we hope to bring members of the SFU community together to develop strong friendships that last

Enactus SFU

To encourage entrepreneurship on our campuses and in the community through our various programs. We consider the relevant economic, social and environmental factors to effectively empower people in need
by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living.

Engineers Without Borders

Apply the principals of design to influence policy decisions and end systemic poverty.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club

To support SFU Startups by giving access to resources and building a stronger entrepreneurship community

Evangelical Chinese Bible Fellowship

Our Fellowship is composed of Chinese friends who graduate or study at SFU, who love and follow Jesus with 10 years’ history. We study bible together and share gospel to people who interested in Christianity with special focus on SFU international students, scholars and families from China through various events on and off campus.

Every Nation Campus Ministry

Engage students with fun activities and meaningful conversations, encourage them to find the purpose of life throughout their school life.

Website: http://

Exercise is Medicine SFU

To foster collaborative inter-professional relationships and leadership skills on campus between exercise,
health and other disciplines that support the EIMC vision and goals.

Falun Gong Club

Falun Gong (or Falun Dafa) is a belief system based on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and forbearance.

Fantasy Football Club

Meet new people and share a passion for all sports while sharing ideas. In the fall we’ll focus on mostly football while later in the spring can shift to NBA, MLB and NHL

Fashion Club

To promote the culture, Identity, and fashion of the SFU Community.

Website: http://

FICI chapter at Simon Fraser University

FICI is a non-profit organization and the official representative office of the International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA) in Canada. As a chapter of FICI, we are responsible for hosting competitions at SFU that will find qualified inventors to participate in Canada’s first national inventor’s team for international competitions.


FIFA@SFU is a club for FIFA fanatics and we will promote the playing of FIFA games.
your skill level does not matter, we want to encourage the playing of FIFA regarding the skill levels of a person.
if you consider yourself a fan of Football/Soccer come on out and join us.
tournaments will be held monthly and yearly.

Finance Club – SFU

The SFU Finance Club is a group dedicated to help finance students attending SFU. Our goals are to help SFU Finance concentrators succeed while attending SFU and after graduating from SFU and help bring the SFU Finance community together.

First Love Club

To promote and accommodate for Pentecostal beliefs and practices on campus


To provide international students a safe and open place to make friends, find help with living and studying in Canada, understand the Bible, and impact the world.

Formula 1

A club for members to meet up every race weekend and enjoy the race together.

Fraser Billiards & Pool Association

As the Fraser Billiards and Pool Association, we intend to promote the culture of cue sports as both leisure and social. Centered in the Burnaby Campus. Our goal is to create a persistent environment, where we can create a culture that will hopefully be part of Simon Fraser University for generations after us, and onwards.

G-One Dance -Bollywood Dance Team

SFU Bollywood Dance Team is a dance group inspired by Bollywood freestyle, focusing primarily on semi-classical Bollywood fusion. PRACTICE. PERFORM. REPEAT.

Game Developers Club

To support game development at SFU. We strive to achieve this by fostering teamwork and networking among our members. We also provide resources to assist in project development such as organizational help and design assistance.

Generation Screwed SFU

Generation Screwed is Canada’s largest free-market oriented campus club. Our main objective is to spread awareness about Canada’s ballooning national debt and the consequences out of control government spending has on future generations. We advocate for accountable government, fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets and sovereign debt reduction.