Directory of Clubs

Game Developers Club

To support game development at SFU. We strive to achieve this by fostering teamwork and networking among our members. We also provide resources to assist in project development such as organizational help and design assistance.

Generation Screwed SFU

Generation Screwed is Canada’s largest free-market oriented campus club. Our main objective is to spread awareness about Canada’s ballooning national debt and the consequences out of control government spending has on future generations. We advocate for accountable government, fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets and sovereign debt reduction.

Giddha – SFU

Illustrating the simplicity and beauty of the Punjabi culture through the form of traditional folk dance giddha with respect to a balanced university lifestyle that incorporates physical activity.

Give A Paw

To fundraise for local animal shelters and research centers


Give SFU is committed to bridging the gap between the diverse cultures at SFU by partnering students together in hopes of achieving a common goal, one which involves giving back to the community through various charitable events. Give SFU aims to give to the community while also giving to the students by creating an atmosphere of social inclusion.

Global Alliance (GA)

We exist to raise awareness of the ethno-linguistic minorities in the world

Global Oriental Vision

Global Oriental Vision (GOVision) has the primary objective of helping Chinese international students fit in with the Canadian society. GOVision aims to build a communication platform for international students in exchange of information and sharing of experience through conferences and volunteering.

Greek Representation and Interest Development (G.R.I.D)

To provide a forum for open discussion on matters pertaining to Greek societies.
To be a source of information to currently unaffiliated students expressing an interest in joining a Greek society.
To co-ordinate and prevent interference amongst Greek societies.
To assist those interested in the formation of a new Greek society.

Hack Lounge

The purpose of the club is to organize the environment for SFU students where they can improve programming skills and find other students to team up and attend various hackathons in BC and else where.

Health Ethics Club

We foster community among students in Heath Sciences as well as other faculties, and enhance moral leadership at SFU.
We also promote critical thinking and dialogue around complex health issues and liaise with health organizations and researchers in order to help further ethical policy-making and practice.

Her Campus SFU

Her Campus is the #1 global community for college women, with 290+ chapters at universities all over North America. Her Campus SFU is an inclusive online magazine specifically for SFU women, covering topics from campus life and college survival to fashion, beauty, health, career, and more.


Our club aims to support an orphanage in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Hiking Club

To be up on a new mountaintop or leave footprints on a new hiking trail every chance that we get. And once we’ve exhausted every trail, park, terrain, peak, and forest in BC, we’ll wake up one day and do it all over again.

Website: http://

Hillel Jewish Students Assocation

Organize events at SFU that are based on core Jewish Values, such a tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedakah (acts of charity). We celebrate the Jewish holidays, develop educational programs, work on social action projects, and encourage people to connect with one another at discussions, parties and retreats.

Hip Hop Club – SFU

SFU HipHop club is a club devoted to the HipHop Culture. Our main goal is to share and educate about the HipHop dance culture. We introduce styles such as popping, locking, waving, house, breakdancing, wacking, and much more. It is a place where you meet new people, share the same interest, learn new skills, and in general having fun.

Hong Kong Society (HKS)

We essentially introduce Hong Kong traditions and culture, provide student-based services, encourage cultural exchange, and hold social events. Moreover, HKS aims at assisting students to adapt to the heart-warming environment in Vancouver, bonding them with close emotional attachments and building their self-confidence for future challenges.

Human Resource Students’ Association

The Human Resources Students’ Association (HRSA) aims to serve the needs of Simon Fraser University students (business and non-business) by providing opportunities for social interaction among the student body with scholarly and professional interests from multiple disciplines within the field of Human Resource Management.


Human, Humanity, Humanism

Humanism is the base for our thinking, analyzing, and researching in social studies. We, SFU Humanists, want to place humanity in the center of the world of thinking, believing, and scholar researches. Therefore, we are tend to judge the politic, economic, dominate culture, prevalent believes, and our education system in favor of humanity.

Website: http://

Humans of SFU

We are the students who started a Humans of SFU page on FaceBook, and would like to make it an official SFU club. The page was inspired by the photoblog “Humans of New York.” The collections of photos and interviews allows us to relate to and connect to people of the SFU Community, giving us the chance to see that they are just as human as we are.

Idol Culture & Dance Club

Here at the Idol Culture Club, we believe in sharing our love for Japanese Anisong idol culture and inspiring others through song, dance and wotagei. We believe in providing a friendly and professional environment for aspiring idols enthusiasts and their supporters to grow and connect with one another.