Directory of Clubs

Impact SFU

Impact SFU is a Surrey-based club that promotes student engagement and leadership. Funds raised by Impact SFU are donated to the Beautiful World Canada Foundation.

Indian Student Federation (ISF)

Our club purpose is to speak out and unite all prospective, current and Alumni Indian students in SFU. Our vision is to organize cultural events and help Indian students build a network with one another.

Indonesian Association – SFU

The Indonesian Association (IA) is a non-profit student-led organisation that welcomes and unites Indonesian students at Fraser International College and Simon Fraser University. We strive to promote a fun and rewarding university experience for all our members through various social events.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School SFU Chapter (IHI SFU)

IHI Open School is an interdisciplinary community of students and professionals all striving towards a more efficient, effective and safe healthcare system, all the while, providing the necessary competencies to advance improvements in quality and patient safety.

International Club

The International Club is for all students: international, UWC grads, immigrant, and Canadian. Our club is about bringing students together; building a better cross-cultural understanding; and learning more about international relations through our many activities and events. Also, the club provides an important social support network for students.

Website: http://

International Justice Mission SFU

IJM SFU is a group of students who desire to work together as advocates for the oppressed. Our vision is linked to International Justice Mission – a global organization that partners with local authorities to rescue victims of violence, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems.

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee at SFU advocates for refugees around the world who are affected by war and disaster. Our mission is to restore hope and opportunity for refugees by raising awareness about the issues they face and funds to help them rebuild their lives.

International Socialists Student Club

The club is for students who want to fight capitalism and change the world. We aim to educate and unite the widest possible number of students in struggles ranging from climate justice to reducing tuition fees. We also fight all forms of oppression including women’s oppression, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism

International Trading Card Games Club @ SFU

Trading card games are very popular all throughout the world, the International Trading Card Games Club is a club designed to support those who enjoy playing TCGs or want to give it a try. We support a wide variety of TCGs such as Magic: The Gathering and Weiss Schwarz.

International Youth Fellowship

Transcending mere acquisition of skills or knowledge; Developing international mindset

InterVarsity Undergraduate at SFU

Through Christ’s love, we are ordinary peoples doing extraordinary things on the SFU campus. We are making SFU home by reconciling God, peoples and land in relationship with all our heart, mind, soul and strength in Christ.

Introverts Club – SFU

We aim to help introverts make friends at SFU. Our club organizes events for introverts to meet up, get to know each other, and socialize the introvert way.

Investment Club – SFU

To differentiate ourselves as an investment focused club that provides members from all faculties with an opportunity to implement their investment ideas in the pursuit of real-life

Iranian Club – SFU

To encourage and promote Iranian culture and heritage among its members. This is achieved through organizing social activities. Iranian Club also tries to improve the link between Iranians and other cultures as we believe in both unity and diversity.

Ismaili Students Association

A Religious Organization designed to create fun and exciting Internal and External events that engage the Post-Secondary Shia Ismaili Muslim community, and the wider SFU student body.

Japanese Network – SFU

Our club is a socializing club , where people can learn about Japanese culture through the events that we create.

Japanese Speaking Club

This club aims to provide SFU students who just started learning Japanese. Those students can have opportunities not only to meet but also to practice Japanese with other SFU students who are native-level Japanese speakers on a weekly basis. Students also enrich their understanding about Japanese culture and custom through conversation.

Jazz Band – Simon Fraser

The SFU Jazz Band aims to provide an opportunity for jazz musicians and enthusiasts to rehearse and perform in a ‘BIG BAND’ setting within the SFU community.

JDC West – SFU

JDC West is the largest student-run business competition in Western Canada that showcases academics, athletics, debate, and a social competition.The competition provides students with the opportunity to compete in all facets of business, while developing networking, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Jesus Disciples Movement

Our club mandate is to follow Christ’s last Great Commission. Being a Christian is about imitating Christ’s life of love, serving, and sacrificing for others. We wish to share these values to the SFU student community and train them to be Christ-like, so that they can teach others to the same and in this way it can positively impact the world