Directory of Clubs


Our club will be providing opportunities for students to share their passion in Korean culture through K-POP related workshops, concerts and competitions.

Kin Games SFU

A passionate group of BPK undergraduate students who wish to attend the Kinesiology Games, the largest student-run Kinesiology conference in Canada. This event is held annually in March at a different host university providing students the opportunity to travel to various cities and campuses around Canada. Creating a stronger student community.

Korean Cultural Performing Arts Club

Korean Cultural Performing Arts Club is open for anyone who is interested in Korean Culture and for those who would like to experience the culture.
Traditional Korean performing Arts include Dance, Nanta, Samulnori and Pangut. All the activities are led by the club leaders and each lesson are also taught by the leaders.

Korean Storm (K.STORM)

K.STORM is a non-profit student group that aims to promote the Korean culture to all students from all nations. We are a social friendly community that allows members to meet new people and enjoy their university life with us.​​

Lab Club

To unpretentiously encourage free experimentation with complex STEM equipment by creating an environment of encouragement and curiosity.

LangRenSha Club

“LangRenSha” is a very popular board game nowadays. We want to provide a stage for the lovers in SFU, to give their chance to perform in this game. We will hold the activity once a week to play this game.

Latin Dance Passion – SFU

To provide salsa, bachata and merengue dance lessons for students in a friendly environment and at an affordable rate. We also host high quality Latin Dance and Music events at SFU to foster community spirit.

Law Club – SFU

The S.F.U. Law Club is a student led organization that focuses on the rule of law and individuals looking to pursue a career in the field. By allowing individuals the ability to actively participate and prepare for a future career,the S.F.U. Law Club is a place for individuals to share a common interest and make personal connections for the future.

Website: http://

League of Legends Club – SFU

The purpose of this group is to provide League of Legends Events for SFU students to enjoy. We will host a variety of events and tournaments. Our goal is to facilitate a forum of discussion and to raise awareness of the League of Legends community in the area of Greater Vancouver.

Left Alternative

Left Alternative combines discussion, education and action designed to find real solutions to people’s needs. Left Alternative strives to bring people together against the roots of many different oppressions: the inequalities of wealth and power that are the hallmark of capitalism, and the broader inequalities that capitalism reinforces.

Lifeline SFU

SFU Lifeline advocates for pre-born children, whose human rights are violated by abortion, which is legal in all 9 months of pregnancy in Canada. We are dedicated to raising awareness about this issue, and providing women with the support and resources they need to make a life-affirming choice that respects both mother and child.

Light Up The Hill (LUTH)

We seek to create an open community of believers from the various Christian clubs at SFU and worship God as one through inter-club worship nights and games nights.

Lighthouse Film Squad

The Film Squad is a non-profit society aims to attract young students who love films gathering together. The Film Squad have a roster of creatives, they collect ideas through communication between film lovers. The team make it an on going effort to hone each member’s abilities in order to help them achieve own, personal dreams.

LIT Events

By providing opportunities of student recreation and formal academic events, SFU students are expected to enjoy and learn from the meaningful and impressive social activities. Meanwhile, we are willing to make the most of our experience and knowledge to make a positive impact on the whole student society.

Lit Studios VR Club

We aim to bring Virtual Reality technology into SFU students’ lives in a meaningful way. We want to foster a creative, friendly and unique environment for VR lovers and game developers at SFU.

Living Water

We aim to connect SFU Korean students(1.5 generation and 2 generation of korean immigrants) to the Word of God through small group Bible study and

various seminars. We also strive for further spiritual maturity within our community by encouraging the

members to participate into communal worship and individual prayer time.

Love Caravan SFU

We are aiming to establish a club to provide students with opportunities of going to senior housings to perform traditional or modern arts from their cultures (music, dance, poem and other instrumental pieces) to the seniors and engage in culture-sharing activities with them.

Love Your Neighbour Club

Love Your Neighbour club is a volunteer club with an international network of branches. We are dedicated to serving both the communities we live in as well as globally.

Mahjong Club 中發白

Our mandate is to promote the spirit of Asia culture through the most traditional game from Asia, Mahjong. We will mainly focus on Hong Kong Mahjong and learn about Japan, Taiwan, Guangdong and Sichuan Mahjong.

Mainstream Youth Group

1.Make career-related information and resources more accessible to Chinese-speaking youth in Vancouver by hosting workshops and networking events.
2.Help youth to achieve their career goals by providing them with practical experiences from projects and work opportunities.

Website: http://