Start a New Club


Interested in starting a new club? It’s easy! Here’s what you need to do

    • To start a new club, first look through the Club Directory to make sure there isn’t already a similar club in existence!
    • Submit a New Club Proposal here: . You’ll need to include information such as Club Name, Club Mandate, Semester Vision, Proposed Activities, and indicate if there are any connections to third parties.
    • Email to book a club intake meeting. During this meeting, your club proposal will be reviewed and you will have an opportunity to learn how to run a club.
    • After this meeting, your club may be approved. You’ll be sent a registration code that will then activate your club to “New” status.
    • Enter in your information about the club executives. All clubs have a minimum of two executives. Here you’ll be able to select what authorities (roles) the executives will have. Adding new or additional executives and changing roles can be done by contacting the SFSS General Office.
    • To become an active, “Approved” club, you will need to meet the 10 member minimum which includes your executives. It is not enough to just add in the members. They will need to also confirm their membership in order for it to count!