What is a Constitution?

Every Departmental Student Union, Faculty Student Union, and Constituency Group of the Simon Fraser Student Society has a constitution to guide its members in decision-making, elections, procedures and structural change. The Constitution provides a permanent reference for the membership.

Copies of Constitutions

The Student Union Organising Office has each SU and CG’s constitution on file. Please contact us for a copy of your constitution or if you need any help amending it (MBC 2238, organiser@sfss.ca).

Amending The Constitution

Constitutions may be amended according to the wishes of the membership. When altering a Student Union Constitution, consideration of the long-term effects on the membership should be taken into consideration.

Step one: Give adequate notice to the membership advertising the meeting where constitutional amendments will take place.

Step two: Send proposed amendments to the Organiser at organiser@sfss.ca for initial feedback – it might save time in the long run!

Step three: Hold the meeting. A two thirds majority vote is required to pass constitutional change. Ensure changes are consistent with the overall language and term of SFSS constitution.

Step four: Send the version of the Constitution that is approved by the membership to the Organiser for final ratification

Ratifying the Constitution

Ideally, the student union or constituency group should send the changes to the Organiser before the membership votes. This way, the Organiser can assist with correcting any disallowed amendments before the membership votes. To ratify the Constitution, send the version that was approved by the membership to organiser@sfss.ca.