Travel and Conference Funding provides assistance for individual students who are attending a conference. Any member of the DSU or FSU (including all majors, minors, and students taking a class) is eligible. FSUs and DSUs have an annual Travel and Conference budget between $300 and $1500 depending on their size. The maximum amount is up to $100 per student per year. The money can be used for registration fees, accommodation and travel expenses.  For Individuals intending to apply for Travel and Conference funding, please complete the following steps prior to attending the conference:

Step One:
Go to your student union meeting. You are a member of any Faculty Student Union or Departmental Student Union in which you are a major, minor, or taking a class. Request that the union sponsor you to receive the award.

Step Two:
Seek approval for funding at the meeting. Be prepared to motivate the group as to why you need the travel funding. Have the secretary include your full name in the minutes.
Step Three:
Fill out an SFSS Travel/Conference application available online on To access:
1) Go to
2) Go to “Clubs/SUs”
3) Click “Directory of SUs”
4) Select the student union that you are applying through
5) Click “Apply for Travel/Conference Funding”
6) Log in with your SFU credentials and fill out the information”

Step Four:
Go to the conference. Bring back original receipts for travel expenses or registration fees. Have an executive member of your student union fill out the SFSS Cheque Requisition Form. Attach the receipts to the SFSS Cheque Requisition Form, and submit it to the General Office for reimbursement. The SFSS will email you when your cheque is ready for pickup.

Accessibility Funding

Funding is available to help make events more accessible to students with disabilities. The Simon Fraser Student Society Accessibility Fund began in 2005. Students with disabilities and any event organizer can use this fund to increase accessibility and remove barriers to participation in Student Society activities for students with disabilities.

“Student Society activites” mean any meetings and events organized by Student Unions, SFSS Clubs, or the SFSS.  Contact the SFSS for more information.