VOTE YES: SFSS Health & Dental Plan, Changes to Bylaws Referenda

- The current cost of the SFSS Health and Dental Extended Plan is $255. The Basic Plan is $198.
- The SFSS is currently subsidizing the plan by $16.67 per student, which is not sustainable beyond Fall 2017.
- The priority is flexibility & maintaining current benefits. The SFSS proposes a fee change of max. 5%, annually for 3 years.
- YES Vote: Sustain Plan, Without Cutting Benefits

Vote "YES" online through SFU Connect from March 27 to 30th.

- A new Societies Act and amended Universities Act have come into effect, requiring some changes to Society bylaws by May 1, 2018.
Why Change?

1. The SFSS bylaws were originally drafted in 1968 and led to inconsistent, hard to implement set of obligations that do not reflect the current needs of members and the Society
2. Some significant principled changes are also proposed on the basis of member feedback

Summary of Changes:

1. Simplified definition of membership: an undergraduate member at SFU enrolled in at least one course
2. Re-envisioning Council: Council will be comprised of 20 faculty representatives elected during the General Election with increased pay and support 3. Increased flexibility to make student participation easier
4. Restructuring of the Board of Directors to be more efficient
5. Improvements to the Electoral Process
More info (proposed changes):

Vote "YES" online through SFU Connect from March 27 to 30th.