2015-07-13 00:00

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- July 13, 2015 18:26 ET

Simon Fraser Student Society Names Martin Wyant New Executive Director

BURNABY, BC-- July 13, 2015 -- The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS), a non-profit society dedicated to advocating for the interests of undergraduate...

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2015-06-18 14:19

Women’s Centre Library Resource Assistant 

The Simon Fraser Student Society invites applications for the position of Women's Centre Library Resource Assistant. This is a parttime Designated Assistant position within Women's Centre, a department of...

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2015-06-01 10:44

Clubs Days went without a hitch this year, as students flocked to Burnaby and Surrey campus to join many of the existing clubs. The SFSS provides support for over 300 clubs this year along with numerous Student...

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2015-05-11 15:32

Volunteer Positions Available! 

The following are the Student At-Large vacancies at present:
Granting Committee—1
Remuneration Advisory Committee—1
Stipend Appeals Committee—3


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2015-04-24 13:51

SFSS policies require that any proposed changes to the policy manual be subject to a notice of motion period. You will find all notices of motion served to the membership by the Board of Directors and the Council below. For more information, contact the Campaigns, Research, and Policy...

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2015-04-23 16:26

Accessibility Review Project Worker

The Simon Fraser Student Society invites applications for the position of Accessibility Review Project Worker. This is a project worker position for the summer semester 2015 for up to a total of 192 hours  This is...

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2015-04-17 11:36

The Vice President Finance, Finance and Administrative Services Committee, and the SFSS Finance Office have forwarded the finalized proposal for next year's SFSS budget. This proposal will be discussed and voted on for adoption at the upcoming Board of Directors meeting, scheduled for 2:30pm on...

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2015-04-02 10:30

Our 2015 General Election has come to an end! You can view the full results on the Independent Electoral Commission website.

--- Meet your Board of Directors for 2015-2016 ---

President: Enoch Weng


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2015-02-16 19:29

----- Ticekts are on sale now at the SFSS General Office! A limited number of $20 tickets are available while supplies last -----

Get ready for another epic concert featuring Cash Cash, Stafford Brothers and Derrival!

RSVP on Facebook: ...

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2015-02-04 13:44


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