Hello folks,
I hope your semester is going well so far for those of you taking classes, can you believe it’s the start of week four already? Where does time go? I hope your summer away from classes is going well if you aren’t in classes this semester. We’ve been up to pretty exciting stuff here at Out on Campus with the start of a new semester. We tabled at Clubs Days to speak with the broader SFU community about our organization, we have been preparing our summer programming and volunteer program, we’ve been building connections with our campus community, which we identified as a major goal for the year at the organizational retreat we attended last month, and collective has began to meet regularly for the semester. We’ve also got exciting news about our library and SFU is doing emergency preparedness activities on June 4th that may impact your experience on campus that day, so read on to find out more. 

Table of Contents:

Out on Campus related happenings
1. Collective Times for Summer 2014
2. New Library Resources
Build SFU Student Organization Focus Group

SFSS/SFU Related Happenings
4. Emergency Response Exercise June 4th

Community Events & Callouts
5. Not So Strictly Ballroom Dancing
6. Global Conference: Sex and the State
7. Media Democracy Days Conference Survey
8. Therapeutic Exploration of the Coming Out Experience For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Identified Clients
9. #BoldAction: The Moral Call for Climate Justice
10.  Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Love Re-Mastered and Re-released
11. Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey – Survey Closes May 31st

Out on Campus Related Happenings

1. Collective Times for Summer 2014
Collective, the decision making body of Out on Campus, has set meeting times for the Summer semester, we will be meeting on Tuesdays at 11:30-1:00 in the Out on Campus space, room TC314N in the Rotunda above the transportation Centre. Anyone is welcome to join collective, which runs on a consensus based decision making model which values discussion before coming to decisions. Folks are encouraged to drop in and join collective. If you have any questions about collective please email Devyn, the interim Administrative Assistant at ooc2@sfss.ca. 

2. New Library Resources
Out on Campus recently did a book buy for our resource library. Some of our new titles include Transgender Studies Reader 2, Noah’s Arc, Redefining Realness, Like Son, Landing, Yakuza Pride, several collections of poetry written by Andrea Gibson and so so many more. Our library now has well over 2000 resources in it including fiction, non-fiction, magazines, movies, and music. For more information on our library please go to http://ooc.sfss.ca/library. Remember that our library is also connected to the library at the Women’s Centre and SFPIRG which are home to even more amazing resources that you are welcome to borrow! Our library is a great resource for research, leisurely reading, and enhancing community connections.

3.Build SFU Student Organization Focus Group
Build SFU is hosting a special focus group with the project architects on June 4th at 2pm in the Think Tank, MBC 2270.  This session will address a variety issues related to the design and usage of the student organization work suites in our student union building (SUB). (Learn more about the space program, including suites for student organizations, at http://buildsfu.sfss.ca/sub-programming.) Any folks who are interested in Out on Campus’s position in the SUB are highly encouraged to attend

SFU/SFSS Related Happenings

4. Emergency Response Exercise on June 4th 2014
On June 4th as part of an Emergency Response Exercise around the Transportation Centre (Rotunda) and West Mall there may be extra noise and potentially triggering trainings.  Because the Out on Campus space is so close to the West Mall Centre SFU wanted folks to have all the same information provided to West Mall departments. There is a website with an FAQ section, if you have any feedback on questions that should be added SFU would love to hear about it. SFU sends the following message:

Ensuring our campuses are safe and secure is a top priority for SFU. We have a comprehensive plan in place to respond in the event of an emergency. We will be testing that plan on Wednesday June 4th, 2014 between 8am-2pm in a full scale emergency response simulation exercise event in partnership with the RCMP. More information is on the website: www.sfu.ca/june4 

West Mall Details
Building Access:

  • Access to the 3000 level of WMC will be limited.  The offices for Economics and Beedie School of Business will remain open as will the East and West staircases and elevators.  
  • The top level of the Visitors Parkade to the west of WMC will be closed as will the North walkway beside the parkade and Madge Hogarth.
  • Areas with limited access will be secured with fencing, locked doors and there will be Security and RCMP in the area helping to redirect people. 
  • Access to the rest of West Mall will be unchanged. 
  • There may be some unusual sounds coming from the 3000 level as part of the exercise.

Classes & Food Services in West Mall

  • Food services and classes will not be disrupted but they may hear some additional noise from the activity on the 3000 level. 

Front-line Staff Information 

  • As occupants of an area very close to West Mall, you may have people asking questions about what is going on; please ensure that front desk staff are well informed about the exercise so they can help to provide information.

Transportation Centre Details

  • Some exercise activity will take place in the basement level of the Transportation Centre but this will not be visible and will have no impact on the access in and around the TC.

Community Events & Callouts

5. Not So Strictly Ballroom Dancing
Not So Strictly Ballroom is an intergenerational group of people who love to partner dance, the part the group is most excited about is the “welcoming, enthusiastic, sweet attitude everyone has towards dancers of all abilities.” The classes offered by NSSB vary widely, from popular dances like salsa, tango, and West Coast Swing to the classics like waltz, jive & foxtrot. Students are asked if they want to lead or follow in any particular dance, and some people do both! 

There’s a few weeks of classes left, and then “summer holidays” – the classes and monthly dance parties resume in September. (Not So Strictly dance parties: think ballroom/partner dancing to Madonna and Beyonce more than snooty old dead people.) 

A bunch of folks from the group also go out to the free, weekly ballroom dance at Robson Square on Friday nights starting at the end of June. If anyone wants to take a few classes – or even just go! – there will be NSSB people there. If you email ahead to notsostrictly@gmail.com, NSSB folks will look for you at the event. 

For more info, check out http://www.notsostrictlyballroom.ca/index.html

6. Global Conference: Sex and the State
Friday 17th October 2014 Sunday 19th October 2014
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This is a conference focusing on the state and its relationship to sex and sexuality, there is a call-out for papers for the conference.

For more information please check the link below

7. Media Democracy Days Conference Survey
The Media Democracy Project would like to hear about what you would like to see at the Media Democracy Days (MDD) conference in the fall. It takes less than 5 minutes for you to be part of making this year’s MDD the best one yet! Please make sure to give feedback today, as the survey closes on May 30, 2014.


The survey is part of a community engagement process, through which Media Democracy is hoping that MDD can better reflect the needs of the community at large. In order to achieve this, they really need to hear your opinion of what the emerging “big issues” are and how you think those ideas could be reflected in the conference’s programming. This is also an opportunity to find ways to collaborate -both for the conference and possibly other projects- and strengthen connections to your work.

More information can be found on the website: mediademocracyproject.ca

8. Therapeutic Exploration of the Coming Out Experience For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Identified Clients
This is for the Counselling Psychology program at UBC. A student is looking for participants to interview about their experiences coming out. There is a $20 gift card for all participants. The person conducting the interview, Ann Marie, is asking that folks do a private interview with them. If folks are interested in being a part of the study she can be reached at comingoutstudy@gmail.com or 778-828-9214

9. #BoldAction: The Moral Call for Climate Justice
Tuesday, June 10th. 7-9pm. 
Christ Church Cathedral,  690 Burrard Street
Coast Salish Territories, Vancouver
On Facebook at: www.facebook.com/events/1397855707163546 
Tickets (free and by donation) at: boldaction.eventbrite.ca

Reverend Lennox Yearwood gets that climate change and poverty, race and culture, democracy and corporate power, are all connected. He knows that it is a moral challenge, and he preaches the need for bold action. The Rev is a minister and community activist, and President of the Hip Hop Caucus, a national non-profit that empowers young people to participate in elections, policymaking, and systemic change. He has been an influential voice for the moral call to climate action in the United States, speaking against the Keystone XL pipeline, and in favour of green economy alternatives that create good jobs and a clean environment for future generations.
Sean Devlin is a comedian, filmmaker, activist and Executive Director of SHD. He has been performing standup comedy since he was a teenager and has been active in the climate justice movement for 4 years. He is a direct action trainer and a thought stylist at the Yes Men’s Yes Lab for creative activism.
Heather Milton-Lightening has over sixteen years of organizing experience from local issues to international campaigns. Heather was a founding member of Native Youth Movement that empowered youth politically and socially to make change in their communities, and then went on to found and build a national Native youth network that supported Native youth organizing across the US and Canada with the Indigenous Environmental Network. Heather currently is working on a contractual basis with many different organizations doing trainings, facilitating and support work for Native communities.

10. Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Love Re-Mastered and Re-released
This seminal 1992 documentary delves into the rich history of Canadian queer women’s experiences in the mid-20th century. Contemporary interviews, archived footage and a stylized fictional narrative based on the pulp novels of the ’50s are woven throughout this simultaneously funny, heartbreaking, and empowering film. The remastered version is now available for rent or purchase through the national film board at nfb.ca.  

11. Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey – Survey Closes May 31st
Are you between 14 and 25 years old? Do you live in Canada? Do you identify as trans or genderqueer, or feel your gender doesn’t match your body? Last chance to have your voice heard in this survey that closes this Saturday, May 31st! 


That is all for this newsletter folks! I hope you have a wonderful day, and remember that you are free to drop by the space whenever the big sign is out in front of our door! 

Please note that appearance in our newsletter does not necessarily imply endorsement.