Hello folks,
I hope you are having a splendid summer, whatever that looks like for you. This weeks newsletter has some exciting things including the restarting of mindfulness in the OOC space, the Living Personal Truth Fund, the Queer Grad Faculty Network, several job opportunities with Simon Fraser Student Society, and several great community events. Read on to find out more!

Table of Contents
Out on Campus Happenings
1. Summer Mindfulness June 16, 30 July 14, 28 1:30-2:15
2. Pride Organizing 
3. Collective Time Tuesdays 11:30-1:00
4. Library Survey
5. Living Personal Truth Fund 
6. Staffing Hours Update
7. Queer Grad-Faculty Network

SFSS/SFU Related Happenings
8. SFSS Chairperson Wanted
9. Build SFU Student Outreach Assistant Job Opportunities 

Community Events & Callouts
10. Spoken Word Workshop
11. International Summer Academy on Peace building, Mediation & Intercultural Dialogue in Baar, Switzerland 17-27 August 2014  
12. FNSA Indigenous Feminism Series: Sex Workers and Self Determination. Dr. Sarah Hunt

Out on Campus Happenings

1. Summer Mindfulness: June 16,30 July 14, 28 1:30-2:15
Mindfulness will once again be happening in the space this summer, every other Monday starting on June 16 from 1:30-2:15.
Mindfulness is a form of meditation that quiets the mind. It helps you become focused, rest from constant thinking, and reduces stress. Practice being here, in the present, and let go of worries about the future and the past. This is a drop-in workshop, open to all.

2. Pride Organizing
We are looking for volunteers to help organize pride this year, if you are interested please get in contact with Susan, the interim program and volunteer coordinator at ooc@sfss.ca.

3. Collective Timing: Tuesdays 11:30-1:00
A reminder to folks that collective meetings for this summer are on Tuesdays from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Collective is the decision making body of Out on Campus, it runs on a consensus based decision making model that values discussion before coming to a majority decision. Everyone is welcome to join collective. 

4. Library Survey
Folks on the library committee put this survey together to assess what patrons use the library for and what people would like to see in the library. If you would like to fill it out you can find the survey here

5. Living Personal Truth Fund
Out on Campus has started a fund which will eventually become an endowment fund for the Living Personal Truths Award. The endowment would, after attaining a $20,000 minimum, become self sustaining. This award is an annual $400 award for students in any faculty who demonstrate a significant contribution to  reducing discrimination and/or increasing awareness of sexual orientation and gender diversity. If folks are interested in giving to this fund check out this webpage. You will need to select “Fund of Your Choice (please specify below)” from the drop down menu and in the text box below type in Living Personal Truths Fund. For more information check out this link

6. Staffing Hours Update
Starting next week Devyn, the interim Administrative Assistant will be changing her hours to be Monday to Thursday 10-4 for the rest of her time as the Administrative Assistant, until July 3rd. Susan’s hours remain the same, Monday to Thursday 10-5, but she will be away on vacation Thursday June 12 and Monday June 23.

7. SFU Queer Graduate, Faculty and Staff Network (QGFN) 
An LGBT network for graduate students, faculty and staff at SFU has been created in collaboration with Out On Campus and the Graduate Student Society. The goal is to create a safe and friendly space for SFU queer graduates, faculty and staff to get in touch, meet, socialise and explore opportunities to get involved in the queer community.
If you want to join the network or get updates, please subscribe to the mailing list: queer-grad-fac-staff@sfu.ca
All privacy will be respected and people who are not out can feel safe to subscribe and join.

To join the mailing list
Send an email to: maillist@sfu.ca (CC to : queer-gfs-contact@sfu.ca)
Include only the subject: subscribe queer-grad-fac-staff
Nothing is needed in the body of the email message

Upon joining our mailing list, you will receive instructions on how to join our Facebook group (closed and private) if you wish to do so. 

For questions, please e-mail: queer-gfs-contact@sfu.ca

SFSS/SFU Related Happenings

8. SFSS Chairperson Wanted
The Simon Fraser Student Society is seeking a undergraduate student chairperson to conduct the Summer 2014 meetings of the Simon Fraser Student Society Board of Directors. They will receive an honorarium of $75 per meeting.

Description: The Chair is responsible for convening and conducting meetings of the Simon Fraser Student Society Board of Directors using Roberts Rules of Orders and in adherence to the organization’s policies. Meetings during the summer semester take place weekly on Tuesdays from 3 30 – 5 30 pm. Meetings will normally take place on the Burnaby Campus and run between 1 – 3 hours. Applicants must be available from 3 pm – 7 pm on Tuesdays for the summer

As per Bylaw 6.9a, external chairpersons is appointed for a term of one semester. The Chairperson for Summer 2014 would thus be appointed for a term ending August 31st, 2014.

Goal: To facilitate discussions and ensure adherence to Society by-laws and policies, as well as Roberts Rules of Order.

Required Skills and Experience:

·         Strong working knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition

·         Experience in chairing meetings using Roberts Rules of Order

·         Strong knowledge of SFSS Constitution, Policies, and By-laws

·         Available for all meeting times

·         Must be a member in good standing of the Simon Fraser Student Society as per Bylaw 2

·         Familiarity with and past involvement in SFSS initiatives is an asset.

Compensation: As per R-13, the volunteer Chairperson is provided with an honorarium of $75 per meeting.

Application Process: Send your resume and a statement of interest boardchair@sfss.ca, indicating in the subject line that you are applying for the Chairperson position.

Applications must be received no later than noon on June 19th, 2014. The successful candidate will be ratified at the Board of Directors meeting of June 24th, 2014 and operate as chairperson from that point onward.

9. Build SFU Student Outreach Assistant Job Opportunities
Are you a born leader? Are you driven, outgoing and always have a positive attitude? If you answered yes to these questions, then we want you!
Become a Build SFU Student Outreach Assistant and get students informed and involved with their future Student Union Building!
The posting can be found here.

Community Events & Callouts

10. Spoken Word Workshop 
Jenna Tenn-Yuk is leading creative and hands-on spoken word poetry workshops, exploring the complexities of identity, spirituality and sexuality. Participants will have the opportunity to write, reflect and share their experiences out loud. They will also have the space to discuss issues they see among and between LGBTQ, Christian and feminist communities.

The purpose of the workshops is to provide spaces for conversations and understanding, as well as build bridges between seemingly dissimilar groups through spoken word. There is often a lack of dialogue, judgment and hurt between these groups. These workshops will allow individuals to share their stories, which help us to grow, learn and understand the world around us. There will also be an opportunity for participants to share their poetry at a public event at the end of the month.

Let’s hear one another’s stories, sit in the complexities and build bridges together.

Spoken word workshop

Date: Sunday, June 15

Time: 1pm

Place: Heartwood Community Cafe (317 E Broadway)

11. International Summer Academy on Peace building, Mediation & Intercultural Dialogue in Baar, Switzerland 17-27 August 2014  
You are invited to the upcoming International Summer Academy on Peacebuilding & Intercultural Dialogue organized by the Institute for Peace and Dialogue, IPD. The Summer Academy (SA) will take place in Baar, Switzerland from the 17 to the 27 of August, 2014.

There are already registered participants from Turkey, Afghanistan, Canada, Burundi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Denmark, Kyrgyzistan, Congo, France, USA, Romania, Irag, Cameroon, Mexico, Malaysia, China, Iran, Zambia and you also can be one of them.
To register Summer Academy you need to fill the application form and send it back to us by email with your scanned passport page (only photo page) to fhuseynli@ipdinstitute.ch by the 30 June, 2014.
Participants from all over world countries who are working in State Organizations, INGOs, IOs, Companies, Universities or Individual Researchers who are interested in peace building, conflict transformation, intercultural-interfaith dialogue, mediation, negotiation etc. related topics are welcome to join the coming summer academy.

Some useful links:
IPD SA Experts & Topics        
YouTube Link

12. FNSA Indigenous Feminism Series: Sex Workers and Self Determination. Dr. Sarah Hunt

Date: June 18th, 2014

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: SFU Harbour Centre Rm 1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre

Register Now! 

As an ally to sex workers, Sarah seeks to strengthen relationships between Indigenous sex workers and other members of Indigenous communities in order to confront the stigma and criminalization which contributes to increased violence. Her decolonial approach to sex work is founded on the understanding that Canadian law has been, and continues to be, a tool of colonial violence which has an inherently limited ability to address violence against sex workers. Rather than looking to the power of Canadian law, Dr. Hunt advocates looking to the principles of Indigenous legal orders which emphasize relationships of reciprocal responsibility, freedom of mobility, agency and voice, with the voices and needs of sex workers themselves at the center of any efforts to increase their safety and self-determination. More information can be found here

That’s all for this week lovelies,hope to see you around OOC!


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