Welcome back returning OOCers and welcome to our newcomers! The lounge has definitely come back to life again after a quiet August. We’ve had so many new visitors and new faces!

We’re all outreach outreach outreach over here right now, so come on by and visit us at Burnaby Clubs Days in Convo Mall this week, and Surrey Clubs Days next week. ALSO! Check out our calendar for all the programming we’ve already set for the semester.


Out on Campus Events & Happenings

As always, come visit us and you’ll find couches for studying, napping, and socializing. Use our microwave or have a cup of tea. Use our workspace, computers, or telephone. Peruse our branch of the beautiful Rotunda libraries. And grab some free safer sex supplies! As long as the sign that says “We’re Open” is out, it means you can come on in.
This month, expect to find Devyn, our interim Volunteer Coordinator on-site Monday-Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm. And find me, Susan, the Admin Assistant on-site Monday-Wednesday 10:00am-5:00pm, and Thursday 10:00am-2:00pm.

Hey, you! Wanna get involved at OOC this semester? Join our volunteer program! Surf on over to http://ooc.sfss.ca/how-to-volunteer to check out the details (especially about our new awesome volunteer Teams). We’ve got New Volunteer Orientations and All Volunteer Training Day coming up – be sure to RSVP!

Welcome back, folks! Come help out with outreach by signing up for tabling at Burnaby and Surrey Clubs Days. And d’you wanna sit on Collective this term? Give us your availability! You can come in to the lounge to sign-up for all these things.
Also, check your emails for info about co-facilitating New Volunteer Orientations, and signing up for All Volunteer Training Day! More info about this semester’s Volunteer Program available in the lounge and forthcoming via email. 

OOC OPEN HOUSE – WED SEP 17, 1:00-3:00PM
Haven’t come by the lounge since before the summer? New on campus and wondering what it’s like on the other side of our automatic doors? Been too shy to make it over the threshold to grab safer sex supplies? Or maybe you’re just hungry…
Whatever your reason, come on in and join us for our Open House! Drop in to check out our space. Free food and new faces, too 🙂

The Positive Space Network is an education program dedicated to promoting and maintaining a campus environment embracing of gender and sexual diversity and their various intersections. This program for students, faculty, and staff, aims to reduce homophobia and transphobia, increase individual and organizational knowledge, and create safer spaces across campus. By offering a multi-level, modular program, the PSN is able to reach those with less knowledge on the topics covered, as well as those who have more experience with them.
We’re holding three (count ‘em, THREE) workshops this semester. Our first is less than two weeks away! Check out our offerings: http://ooc.sfss.ca/positive-space-network
Module 1 – Introduction: Wed Sept 24, 11:30-2:30
Module 3 – Sexual Orientation/Sexuality: Wed Oct 15, 2:30-5:30
Module 2 – Gender/Sex: Thu Nov 20, 10:30-1:30

An LGBT network for graduate students, faculty and staff at SFU has been created in collaboration with Out on Campus and the Graduate Student Society. The goal is to create a safe and friendly space for SFU queer graduates, faculty and staff to get in touch, meet, socialise and explore opportunities to get involved in the queer community.
If you want to join the network or get updates, please subscribe to the mailing list: queer-grad-fac-staff@sfu.ca. All privacy will be respected and people who are not out can feel safe to subscribe and join.
Click here for instructions on how to join the mailing list. For questions, please e-mail: queer-gfs-contact@sfu.ca
Beginning our Biweekly Meet up’s: Welcoming the Fall 
15rd Sept 2014, Tuesday,
7:45pm to 10pm
SFU Highland Pub
Time to get cozy at the loft space of Highland Pub for some laughter and amazing conversations with like-minded individuals. Our previous social nights have always been full of joy. It would also be a great opportunity for new members to socialize with existing members of the network. Oh and did I mention… FREE DRINKS AND APPETIZERS!
It’s always good to meet new people so bring them along! It’d be great if you could RSVP with the number of guests to queer-gfs-contact@sfu.ca.

Community Announcements/Happenings

The Task Force on Flexible Education (TFFE) is exploring dimensions of flexibility that will be important to SFU students and faculty as the university moves ahead. More information is available on our website: www.sfu.ca/flexed
To gather student input this Fall, we are putting together a Student Advisory Committee (SAC) to solicit advice on how to best engage students in our process. We are currently seeking both undergraduate and graduate students from all faculties to get involved.
Members of the SAC will participate in monthly, 2-hour meetings (face to face or virtually) in the Fall semester. Our first meeting will take place September 10 from 5:00-7:00 pm at the Burnaby Campus.
Interested in helping shape your SFU education experience, or know a student who would be interested? Please email Candy Ho, candyh@sfu.ca, with your name, faculty, and in brief, tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in participating (no more than 100 words).

A celestial Oscar Wilde tells the story of his life in the form of a lecture, using theatrical and multimedia techniques. Wilde said, “I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works.” This play explores how Oscar Wilde could have put his genius in his work by telling the story of his life.
The Masks of Oscar Wilde is one of this year’s mainstage productions at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and it will be playing at the Revue Stage on Granville Island. Matchmaker Productions and the frank theatre company are pleased to be able to offer ASL Interpretation on September 14th.
Show Dates: September 8th – 9:15 pm, September 12th – 10:30 pm, September 14th – 6:45 pm

The Pacific Rim Curling League and Queer Active has announced a new partnership to help LGBTQ youth start curling. Curling requires specialized facilities and ice fees can be a barrier for youth participation, particularly students who are often on a limited income. First-time curlers aged 16 to 25 are eligible for the bursary and will pay only $68 to play six months of curling.
Interested players can sign up now by emailing athompson@queeractive.ca. Novice curlers will also have the opportunity to participate in “Novice Boot Camp” that will feature free instruction and pair every team with an experience mentor.
For more information, visit prcl.ca.