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The Positive Space Network.

*** These events are taking place on Coast Salish territories, specifically the territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, sel̓íl̓witulh, and Stó:lō nations.***

Upcoming Workshops


Module 1: Introduction

Mon, Oct 17 | 1-4pm
This free workshop introduces the Positive Space Network (PSN), and includes topics such as privilege, prejudice and oppression. Activities in this workshop support creating safer spaces and examining your own privilege(s). This workshop is good for people of all experience levels
Wanna come? Please register.
Do you require ASL? Please let us know by Sun, Oct 9.

Module 2: Exploring Sexuality & Sexual Orientation

Wed, Nov 16 | 12:30-3:30pm
This free workshop is an introduction to the concepts of sexual orientation and sexuality. Topics include: identity (including those outside of gay and lesbian), heteronormativity, and homophobia. This workshop is good for people of all experience levels.
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Do you require ASL? Please let us know by November 1.
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Module 3: Deconstructing Gender & Sex

Fri, Dec 9 | 1-4pm
This free workshop is an introduction to concepts of gender and sex. Topics in this workshop include systems of gender, the transgender umbrella, as well as transphobia and cisnormativity. Activities in this workshop address less-common pronouns, gracefully making mistakes, and self-identity. This workshop is good for people of various experiences with the topics it covers.
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Do you require ASL? Please let us know by November 24.

What is the Positive Space Network?


The Positive Space Network (PSN) is an education program dedicated to promoting and maintaining a campus environment embracing of gender and sexual diversity and their various intersections. This program for students, faculty, and staff, aims to reduce homophobia and transphobia, increase individual and organizational knowledge, and create safer spaces across campus. By offering a multi-level, modular program, the PSN is able to reach those with less knowledge on the topics covered, as well as those who have more experience with them.

Why should you participate? 

Because you care about creating a safer community on campus for everyone, and increasing the visibility of folks who are dedicated to making this a reality.


Email Masashi, our Positive Space Network person.

Accessibility Information


Wheelchairs & Scooters

The Maggie Benson Center is wheelchair and scooter accessible. 



There are wheelchair accessible washrooms in the vicinity.

There are also multi stall accessible washrooms in the vicinity that can be used as gender neutral washrooms.These washroom can also be locked to become single stall washrooms. 


ASL & FM Tuners

Do you need ASL? We are looking into booking ASL for this event, but we still need you to let us know if you can make it. Please register & let us know that you need ASL or an FM tuner! We need to know by:

  • Sun, Oct 9 for Module 1: Introduction.

  • Thurs, Nov 3 for Module 2: Exploring Sexuality & Sexual Orientation.

  • Mon, Nov 28 for Module 3: Deconstructing Gender & Sex. 

**If no requests have been received by these dates, ASL will be cancelled.**


No Peanuts & Tree Nuts (including Coconuts)

This event is a peanut & tree nut free space.

Please do not bring tree nuts (including coconut) and peanuts

into the space in any way to ensure that the space remains as accessible as possible.


Scent Free Space

This event is a scent free space. Please refrain from using scented products such as perfume, cologne, lotions, deodorant, laundry soap, dryer sheets, etc prior to this event. Here are some good resources: Think Before You Stink & Fragrance Free Femme of Color Realness.



The room has plastic and metal armless chairs.



This room has fluorescent lights installed, as well as some natural light.

The workshop will include a powerpoint presentation that is projected onto a white screen.

Let us know what you need in the registration form.


Electromagnetic Fields

This room is within range of the SFU wifi networks.

There will be a laptop and projector being used by the facilitator.

Please completely power off your cellphones and electronics to reduce electromagnetic fields in the space.



Our events are free.



Snacks will be provided.


Let us know if we can meet your access need better.