We gratefully recognize the Simon Fraser Student Society and the Graduate Student Society’s contribution to the Out on Campus Centre.

Out on Campus is committed to creating an equal and welcoming space for everyone. We do this by facilitating a Safer Space for all folks. This means that, ideally, everyone is welcome, included, and shown respect. Inside the space, discriminatory, offensive, or disrespectful behavior of any type is not tolerated.

Why Safe Space?

We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable to access the OOC space, community and resources. We are committed to ending oppression and marginalization within the LGBATQ+ communities and in the larger community. Furthermore, maintaining a Safer space at Out on Campus is a tangible way we can practice our commitment to anti-oppression work.

Safe Space Key points:

  1. Mutual Respect: establishing a level of mutual respect between all visitors, understanding we each bring our own experiences to the space.
  2. Compassion: establishing a level of compassion as we learn together through our interactions. It is okay to make mistakes; learning together with compassion and understanding allows us to navigate through difficult issues in a safe manner.
  3. Critical Thinking: thinking through ideas and opinions that you hear as well as the ones you consider sharing.
  4. Awareness: through engaging and active communication using mutual respect, compassion, and critical thinking, we can bring awareness and safety to our diverse LGBATQ+ community and our allies.

It is important to understand that a Safer Space is not about censorship, it is about mutual respect, compassion, critical thinking and awareness!


Who Can Visit OOC?

Everyone! Regardless of your orientation or identity, Out on Campus Centre is a space committed to providing education and services to all visitors, including allies. So, feel free to stop by anytime to ask us questions, access our library, eat your lunch on our couches, or just say hi to staff and volunteers.

The Out on Campus Centre provides services including:

  • Crisis referrals & peer support
  • A space on campus for LGBATQ+ education, advocacy, and resources
  • A lounge area for students to socialize and access support
  • A queer-orientated library with over 2000 resources that students and staff can sign out (no fines!)
  • Free safer sex & menstrual supplies
  • Positive Space Network education and certification program

Out on Campus Programs: Throughout the semester we offer an array of events and activities, ranging from socials to workshops to discussion groups. We also offer references to counselling and support for students, staff, and faculty of Simon Fraser University.

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Out on Campus Lounge: Open to all folks regardless of how you identify. Here you can find our helpful Coordinator and Administrative Assistant. The lounge is a great place to study and hang out with other queer folks and allies. We have chairs, tables, couches, and blankets for napping along with a queer-related library that houses over 2000 unique resources (from books to DVDs). You will also find a microwave, a water-cooler, a small fridge, and hot water to go with the selection of hot beverages and healthy snacks we offer. We provide free safer sex and menstrual supplies as well as razors.


Located between the library and West Mall Centre, the Rotunda is a space where students can meet to organize and socialize on campus. Attached to the Rotunda are 6 groups: the Women’s Centre, Out On Campus, the First Nations Student Association, SFPIRG, CJSF, and the African Caribbean Heritage Students’ Association (ACHSA), each of which contribute immeasurably to the student experience on campus, and are great allies of the Out On Campus Centre.