Come check out our lounge! You’ll find: couches to hang out on; a kitchen area with a microwave and teas; work space/computers; and a free phone.


We offer a diverse range of safer sex supplies: lubricated external condoms; non-lubricated external condoms; large external condoms; flavoured external condoms; non-latex external condoms; receptive (“female”) condoms; dental dams; nitrile gloves; lubricant. Providing safer sex supplies to our community symbolically and practically supports safer sex. Providing the range of supplies that we do symbolically and practically supports and affirms the legitimacy of non-normative sexualities/sexual acts, and non-normative bodies. By providing supplies which are less frequently available for free, less frequently available in stores, and more expensive to purchase where they can be found, we reduce the significant financial and accessibility barriers to folks’ practice of safer sex.

We also have a huge specialized resource library that houses over 2000 unique resources (from books to DVDs to CDs). Our library is also connected with the Women’s Centre and SFPIRG libraries. You can sign up at any of our locations. Read more about our library here.

We strive to provide a Safer Space on campus for people of all genders and all sexualities. Everyone is welcome!

Our lounge is kept open by Lounge Care Volunteers and trained staff: if the “We’re Open” sign is outside, come on in. We strive to be open (at a minimum) from Tuesday-Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm, and are sometimes open outside of these hours depending on volunteer availability.

We are located on Burnaby campus on the north side of the Rotunda (above the bus loop), in the same vicinity as the Women’s Centre, SFPIRG, the FNSA, and ACHSA. Our room number is TC314N.