What we do

  • Provide a space on campus for LGBATQ+ education, advocacy, and resources
  • Maintain a lounge area for students to socialize and access support
  • Provide a library of queer-related books that can be signed out by students and staff
  • Program events for students and staff such as socials, discussion groups, and workshops
  • Offer volunteering opportunities to students in areas such as maintaining the lounge space, doing outreach on campus, assisting with educational workshops, and event planning
  • Offer peer support for students, connecting them with appropriate campus and community resources
  • Offer free safer sex supplies
  • Host the Positive Space Network education and certification program

Who can visit OOC?


Regardless of your orientation or identity, Out on Campus is a space that is dedicated to providing education and services to all visitors, including allies. So, feel free to stop by anytime to ask us questions, access our library, eat your lunch on our couches, or just say hi to staff and volunteers.

For information on how we work to maintain an inclusive space, read our Safe Spaces Policy or ask an OOC staff member or volunteer.