Facing hunger or serious financial pressures? Apply for and redeem a $25 food certificate up to 3 times per semester. Intended for students in a state of need, this student-run
service is funded primarily by donations and student fees. Apply here with only your student number for confidentiality.
Staff at the SFSS Student Centre will prepare a sealed envelope containing the Emergency Food Bank Program Certificate, with only your student number visible. The envelope
will be ready within 24 hours of request submission. To pick up, simply let the Student Centre Staff know that you have an envelope to pick up, and provide your student ID card.
Staff will cross-reference your student number with the prepared envelope – no names and other identifiers will be recorded.
You may then redeem your certificates at one of the locations described above. At the till, the cashier will also check your student ID card for the correct student number – no
information will be recorded. The Food Certificates, valued at $25, may be used towards the purchase of food items only.

Questions? Contact studentcentre@sfss.ca