In March 2014, a Sustainability Workshop held to determine the sustainability objectives for the Student Union Building.

Student feedback at the Workshop indicated social sustainability and environmental sustainability for improving student life and reducing the impact of the building on the environment and resources as primary objectives.

The Sustainability Workshop outcomes are following:

1. The SUB will be a place to build community.

2. The SUB will promote physical and mental wellness.

3. The SUB will promote a culture of environmental stewardship:

• Through design and use of natural materials
• Metering and instant feedback
• Water and energy conservation measures

4. The SUB should incorporate green roofs for:

• Food production
• Support native habitat
• Community building
• Energy efficiency (increased insulation)

5. The SUB will incorporate daylight in all student spaces where possible. The benefits of this are:

• Student health and wellness
• Lower energy and operating costs
• Better indoor light quality

6. The SUB will incorporate sustainably sourced materials:

• Local materials
• Recycled materials and furnishings
• Healthy, non-toxic materials

7. Finally, maintenance and operating costs are important considerations in the design and materials choices for the SUB.