Welcome to the IWD Month of events e-mail! All of our events are on our Facebook Page: Join us there! https://www.facebook.com/sfu.womencentre

INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING: We need poster runners, artists, zine assemblers, griddle gods and goddesses and folks willing to put handbills out and around the place, and to people!

FAQ: What's the Centre and is it needed? We've got surveys rolling in and the overwhelming answer is yes… from all genders. We did have one person who's female identified who thinks we're too left wing. She hasn't been to our events or our space with Centre folks with differing opinions than ours. It's not all one big Feminist party in here. It is one of respect, tho. Key.

FAQ:  The 24 hour lounge is that for real? Yes, it is. The lounge is one that welcomes self-identified females and gender queer female bodied folks. We are not a shelter if someone is homeless. We have many regular Centre users for a variety of reasons, from sleeping (yes, you've heard that), to meetings for projects, to study, to refuge, to finding resources and so on. It is not a space that just serves `damaged' women, `lefties' or people who hate men. We'd ask that folks really lose the stereotypes and come for a visit. Thanks! 
FAQ: I'm confused. Can I really come in the office if I don't identify as female? We keep that door open anytime we're open if it's not too cold. There's a reason for that – it's because we mean what we say. The Library is part of the Rotunda library system and we have the office open for all genders. Every women's centre has its style of operating what its principles are…. Ours grow and evolve as we see the changing demographic of students, and student identities. We know this because we strive to practice a solid welcome. New people every day!

FAQ: So, really we can come to the events? Okay – come by our Pancake Breakfast and we'll give you a tour of the Office and you can see how tiny the lounge is, too tiny to be a scary.

FAQ: What do volunteers do? We have volunteer positions for supporting events, creating events and leading on events. We have awesome geeky positions for our library and we have jobs for those days when you need to do something mindless with your hands. At the end of the shift you  may have created necessary resources that we distribute! womenctr@sfss.ca for deets.

FAQ: Who the heck contacts you anyways? We get contacted by Business students, Arts students, Science students from Graduate and Undergrad levels.All genders too. Come by TC3014. Or visit our Facebook page and friend us to see. https://www.facebook.com/sfu.womencentre

FAQ: So, no really you're just swimming in the SFU pond? No, we have connections with other Student union groups, community organizations and especially our alumni. We get asked to support events and logistics for things of benefit to everyone not *just* female SFU students.

The SFU Women's Centre is supported by an amazing evolving but steady group of students on it's Collective. We have a team of volunteers of all genders and hope to see you soon!

if you want to be taken off the list: Please go to the My SFU system and go into the mailing lists. We have over 1500 students and while we do our best to track your e-mail we have 20+ lists.

See you next week! Don't forget the Food Bank is there for YOU! Welcome to the IWD Month of events e-mail! All of our events are on our Facebook Page: Join us there! https://www.facebook.com/sfu.womencentre