You spoke. We Listened.

It is time to say YES to BUILD SFU and make some important decisions on the future of the project. Here is the lowdown on the Annual General Meeting (AGM): 

On Tuesday, Sept. 22nd, 2015, the AGM will give you the chance to vote on the future of the new student facilities. To proceed with any aspects of Build SFU, we need 75% SFSS member approval or more, so every vote counts!  

We conducted a student survey in April 2015, and followed up with student consultations to address identified student ideas, needs, and concerns. We made some major changes you should be aware of that will impact how the project will evolve. 


SUB and Stadium Vote Separation

The SFSS student-led board of directors decided to separate the Stadium vote from the SUB in order to ensure full student support of both facilities.

As an SFSS member, you will vote on approval of 2 debentures (loans) that will move the projects forward and begin construction. These debentures are for

(1) the Student Union Building; and 

(2) the Stadium. 

You get to vote and express your level of support for each facility, and remember, we need 75% approval or more to proceed with the project.


Tackling Project Costs: Doubling the Bursary

Many students expressed concerns over meeting the project costs, which is why the SFSS Board has doubled the Build SFU Bursary for students in need. 

Now students in financial need will not be burdened by the costs of the project. Read more here. 


Tackling Project Costs: Reducing the Levy 

One of the main concerns for students is the Build SFU levy, particularly for SFU Surrey and Vancouver students. The student-elected SFSS Board of Directors is looking to reduce the fees for students that will have a lesser chance of using the facilities, but also reviewing alternatives that could reduce the overall student levy. These include changes to loan repayments and starting a major fundraising campaign. 

A referendum question will be put to students in Spring 2015 to allow them to vote on changing the Build SFU levy.