The Women’s Centre Collective is the heart & soul of our space! A dedicated team of senior volunteers, the Collective advises the Coordinator on where the centre needs support, helps create visions for our future, and holds the memories of our past. All volunteers can request to be considered for the collective after a year of volunteer commitment and after attending three of our meetings. The Collective has a seat on Council and can make recommendations to the SFSS Board to support the Centre. If you’d like to drop in on a meeting, please write to the Coordinator at

24/7 Lounge Area: Open to all self-identified women! The lounge is a great place to study and hang out among other women.We have chairs, couches, and blankets for napping, and a fully equipped kitchen and fridge for making your own food. We also offer a phone, pads and tampons, safer sex supplies, tea, coffee, snacks and canned food, and information on  support resources across the Lower Mainland – all for free! Trans and intersex women are welcome in the lounge and gender policing will not be tolerated in this space.

All Genders Resource Area: Open to folks of all genders! Here you can find our helpful Coordinator and Resource Assistant, an amazing library with over 5000 resources, as well as crisis referrals and peer support. Our Collective meets in this area to organize all of our volunteer opportunities and events. We have a couch for you to hang out on, as well as a microwave, kettle, and a small fridge. You can also find some of our specialty outreach items, such as free pregnancy tests and latex-free condoms, in this area.