Did you know that as an undergrad at SFU you have the opportunity of representing 25,000+ students in an amazing leadership role? There are 7 vacancies at the SFSS Executive Committee that must be filled in Spring 2022 and it is time to start thinking about nominating yourself or a friend!

Run for a position on the SFSS 2022 Executive Committee and be part of the change you want to see on campus.

Here is why you should consider running for a position: 

  • You will pick up core skills and learn what is important to you as you campaign
  • You will directly influence and be part of the change on campus
  • You will get to represent and act to improve the lives and experiences of over 25,000+ undergraduates
  • You will learn leadership skills, knowledge and other transferable skills
  • You will have the option of claiming your term(s) in office as coop (some restrictions apply)
  • And you will be PAID a stipend for this (approximately $19.50 per hour)!

In addition, you will be supported by a dedicated staff who will work with you from the beginning to the end.

Interested in running for a position? Stay tuned for more information in the Spring semester

Not for you? Do not worry, you can always vote in the Spring to elect your future executives.