All SUB bookable spaces are available to be booked 9am – 10pm/ 5 days a week. Booked spaces must be vacated by 10pm.
Self-Serve Small Group Meeting Rooms

These may be booked online through the booking portal by any currently enrolled undergraduate student for group work/study (min 3 people must be in the group to use the room).

Self Serve Small Meeting Rooms are booked on a first come, first served basis and there is limited availability. These rooms are small meeting rooms and have a strict capacity limit of 6 people:

• 4311
• 4313
• 4315
• 4317
• 4322
• 4324
• 4325
• 4326
• 4107
• 4105
• 4103
• 4101
• 4003
• 4005

Self Serve Small Meeting Rooms may only be booked for a maximum of 3 hours per session – up to a maximum of 6 hours per week. Spaces are bookable 1 week in advance and must be booked by the 11:59pm on the day before your requested booking date.

*Back to back 3 hour bookings are strictly prohibited. Bookings by the same individual or group of individuals may not exceed 3 hours per day regardless of the name the space is booked under.

Self-Serve Small Music Booth Rehearsal Space

Small Music booths are booked on a first come, first served basis and there is limited availability. These rooms are small rehearsal rooms and have a strict capacity limit of 2.

Self Serve Small Music Booths may only be booked for 3 hours per session – up to a maximum of 6 hours per week. These spaces are for music rehearsal.
The following spaces are Small Music booths:

• 1337
• 1339

All Self-Serve Spaces

Bookings may be considered forfeited if a group does not show up to the booked space within 30 minutes of their booking start time. Should another group or individual ask about the space, SFSS may give the remainder of the booking time to them.

Bookings are available on the half hour and the minimum booking slot is 30 minutes long.

Booking Details and Activities

When filling out a booking request, list all activities that will be occurring in the space. If individuals/groups are participating in activities not listed in their booking request, they may be asked to leave the space.

If an individual or group’s behavior or activities are considered to be in conflict with SFSS policies, values, and guidelines, SFSS Staff reserves the right to end a meeting or event and refuse service temporarily or permanently.

If an individual is taking advantage of the use of SFSS space in a way that is contrary to our guidelines, SFSS Staff reserve the right to restrict access to the space.

If contrary behavior is not witnessed and SFSS does not take action this does not constitute acceptance of this behavior and action may be taken when the behavior is observed.


If a group or individual cannot make it to their booked space on time, they should cancel their booking through the booking system. If they cannot cancel through the booking system, they should contact SUB Bookings at sub.bookings@sfss.ca, visit the orange General Office Desk on level 3000 of the SUB, or call 778-782-3107.

Where possible, self-serve bookings should be cancelled a minimum of 48 hours in advance to allow others time to book the space.

Furniture Setup and Cleanup

Furniture (e.g. tables and chairs) should not be moved, but if moved must be returned to its original configuration, as posted on the diagram on the door, at the end of the scheduled booking.
Furniture from external sources may not be brought into these rooms and room furniture may not be taken outside of the rooms.
All garbage must be removed from the space and table tops must be cleared off and wiped down by the room occupants at the end of their booking.

Additional Guidelines

If a room appears booked in the booking system, but no one is there 30 minutes after their booking is scheduled to start, students may ask the General Office Desk (the big orange desk on Level 3000) to book or use the space.

If there are any spills or messes that need to be cleaned up at the end of the booking, the General Office Desk must be notified.

If upon arrival, the space has not been reset or cleaned and assistance is needed, the General Office Desk should be notified and contacted for help.

If you encounter any issues with the space or your booking please contact the General Office Desk.