Get involved
be part of the team


If you’re a member of the SFSS and an undergraduate student, you can become a Director or take part in a committee.

The student-elected Board is tasked with discovering what the needs of students and they are also committed to meeting those needs.

Committees are responsible for things like:

  • Providing support for planning and hosting campus events
  • Engaging with students
  • Providing recommendations
  • And much more

To apply for a position on a committee, simply fill out the Committee Application Form and send it along with any questions you might have to our Administrative Assistant at

Selection Process for At-Large Members

The Nominating Committee will provide candidates with 2 minutes to express their interest in volunteering for the committee. The Board of Directors will receive the recommendations from the Nomination Review Committee and appoint their chosen candidates at one of their meetings. Read more about the Committee Member Appointment and Resignation (GP-12) in the Board policies.

The Accessibility committee is responsible for monitoring usage of the Student Society Accessibility Fund; approving accessibility-related capital expenses; recommending changes to policy sections relating to issues of accessibility and the Accessibility Fund; researching, maintaining and approving a pricing list of accessibility services; and hearing appeals of decisions taken by the Student Union Resource Office, the General Office and the Finance and Administrative Services Committee.

Examples:  Approving technological aids


What they do:

  • Connect with the student body about university issues and campaigns
  • Inform and educate your peers on issue-based campaigns
  • Work with SFU student senators and Board of Governors Representative
  • Contribute to engagement at SFU

What they do:

The Events and Promotions Committee is responsible for the coordination of events and promotional campaigns on campus. Upon request, the Committee may also assist Clubs, DSUs and constituency groups in the planning of events.

Examples: Fundraisers, BBQs, pub nights, and more.

The Surrey Campus Committee is responsible for advising the Board of Directors on issues of concern for SFU Surrey students and helps plan events.

Examples:  Encourage the participation of SFU Surrey students, coordinate campus-wide activities in liaison with active Departmental Student Unions and plan campus-wide events.

The Vancouver Campus Committee is responsible for advising the Board of Directors on issues of concern to SFU Vancouver students. They also help plan events.

Examples: Encourage the participation of SFU Vancouver students, coordinate campus-wide activities, and help plan campus-wide events.