The SFSS Student Centre is the main point of contact for general inquiries regarding the Student Society. We provide support to clubs and student unions, in addition to other services for the general membership.


Club and Student Union Support

  • Approval of new clubs
  • Grants and other funding (cash and cheque reimbursements)
  • Trust accounts for holding club/student union funds
  • Mail disbursement
  • Lockers and storage space provided
  • Event planning support – room booking, catering, AV, facilities
  • Co-curricular record recognition
  • Workshops (foodsafe, first aid, etc.)
  • General support (governance, elections, internal conflicts)

For more information on how to access some of these services, please check out the Clubs 101 and Student Unions 101 pages or email studentcentre@sfss.ca

Food Voucher Program

The SFSS Food Voucher program is for students in emergency need of food for whom hunger is a pressing issue. This is a valuable and essential service to students, from students, and is intended to serve as an online food bank. 

This service is open for SFU Undergraduate students and FIC students only. SFU Graduate Students are not eligible for this program. 

More information about the Food Voucher Program and the request form can be found here.

Once requests are processed and confirmed via email, students can pick up the vouchers at the SFSS Student Centre in Burnaby or the Surrey Campus Registrar’s Office.

Free Legal Clinic

The SFSS Legal Clinic provides access to free legal counsel and notarization for SFU Undergraduate and Graduate students. Appointment requests are processed and confirmed by email. Appointments are done in-person or by phone call.

More information about the Legal Clinic and the request form can be found here.

Hours and Location

Monday-Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm (except for Statutory Holidays)

SUB 3113, SFU Burnaby Campus

Contact Information

Email: studentcentre@sfss.ca
Phone: 778-782-3870

Member Service Coordinators:

Ricky Che – Clubs Coordinator: msc.clubs1@sfss.ca
Nancy Mah – Clubs Coordinator: msc.clubs2@sfss.ca
Samantha Li – Clubs Coordinator: msc.clubs3@sfss.ca

Rachel Dee – Student Group Events Coordinator: msc.studentevents@sfss.ca

Anna Reva – Student Unions Coordinator: msc.unions@sfss.ca
Nimra Askari – Student Union Outreach Assistant: unionoutreach@sfss.ca

Dipti Chavan – Events Coordinator: msc.events@sfss.ca