About the SUB

The Build SFU project is an initiative of the Simon Fraser Student Society dedicated to building a new student union building and stadium for SFU’s Burnaby campus. Watch the video below to learn more about Build SFU:

Basic Information

In cooperation with the Simon Fraser University, this $65M project aims to redefine and enrich the student experience at SFU.

The project is based on three pillars:


Student Union Building Size: 100,000 square feet.
Student Union Building Location: South of Freedom Square between the Maggie Benston Centre and the AQ.

Stadium Capacity: Estimated 2,500 seats.
Stadium Location: Stadium will be built at the Terry Fox field.
Cost: $65 million.
Funding: Undergraduate students have voted to support the Build SFU project.
The project is funded by an undergraduate student levy effective January 1, 2014.


The Build SFU project is the SFSS’ response to 6 years of consistent student requests for improvements to facilities and student life.

The student union building and stadium will provide new space that will enhance the sense of community and the student experience at SFU.

Review the SFU Undergraduate Student Annual Survey results.

Project Cost

The cost of design and building of the Student Union Building (SUB) and Stadium is estimated at $65 million. The majority of the cost is related to the SUB design and construction.

The SUB offers 100,000 square feet of student activity and study space, and some much needed facilities, including bicycle storage and showers, multi-purpose room, rehearsal room, expanded dining space, meeting and presentation rooms, gaming room, storage, workshop space, lounge space, social stage space, and more.

Learn about what the SUB offers here.  Learn about the Stadium here.


How much are students paying?

Students are currently paying $70 per semester.

Funds are collected through an undergraduate student fee called the Build SFU Levy. The Build SFU Levy was approved by the student referendum in Spring 2012, and collection began in January 2014 at $10 per semester.

While the levy is currently at $60 per semester, by 2022, it will gradually increase to $90 per semester. In 2023 and following years, the levy will be adjusted annually for inflation according to the Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI). The levy is designed for students participating in the design process to pay less than those who will be able to use the new facilities.

What about students in financial need?

A Build SFU Bursary is available to students in financial need. The bursary is administered by SFU Financial Aid and Awards.

Students enrolled in 3 or fewer units pay half of the levy amount.