The Surrey office is dedicated to serving the needs of SFSS members based in Surrey by providing support to clubs, student unions and the general membership.


Club and Student Union Support

  • Event planning support-room booking, catering, AV, facilities
  • Lockers and storage space provided
  • Cash and cheque reimbursements
  • Promotion of events and activities on Surrey Campus
  • General support

General Membership

  • Safe space to study, hang out and have access to games, microwave and kettle
  • Free safer sex & menstrual supplies (free tampons, pads, condoms, pregnancy tests, and more!)
  • Informational resources and referrals to SFSS departments
  • Student advocacy
  • General enquiries

Surrey Campus Committee:

The Surrey Campus Committee is made up of SFSS students and is committed to building community at the SFU Surrey Campus. The SCC is a subcommittee of the SFSS (Simon Fraser Student Society) and represents every student at the SFU Surrey campus. You can seek SCC members to address any issue you face on campus.

What We Do:

  • Hold fun events open to all SFU Surrey students
  • Create student volunteer opportunities
  • Advocate for students: discuss ideas, issues, and concerns with SFU Surrey administration
  • Help DSUs and clubs to promote their events on campus


  • Provide an opportunity for discussion of issues of concern to SFU Surrey students.
  • Advise the Council and Executive on all issues of concern to SFU Surrey students.
  • Recommend actions for consideration by the Council and Executive.
  • Encourage the participation of SFU Surrey students in all aspects of the Society’s operations.
  • Represent campus-specific issues of concern to the University as liaison with the University Relations Officer.
  • Represent campus-specific issues of concern to the external community as liaison with the External Relations Officer.
  • Coordinate campus-wide activities as liaison with active Departmental Student Unions.

Hours and Location

10:00am-5:00pm (except for Statutory Holidays)

SUR 3390 (3rd floor)
Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus

Contact Information

Efua Bhavnani
Member Services Coordinator Surrey
Email: msc.surrey@sfss.ca
Tel. 778.782.8081