a Meeting to Use Your Student Power

Did you know that as a Members’ Meeting, the AGM is considered by our by-laws to be the highest governing body of the Society?

The AGM embodies the principles of transparency, accountability and democracy providing Membership with key governance and financial updates and allowing them to vote directly on matters that impact their student experience.

Each year the AGM is held between September 15 and October 31 with an agenda open to contributions from SFSS Council, Executive Committee and Members alike. It also has the following constant subjects that should be covered:

  • Appointing a Chair for the Annual General Meeting
  • Receiving and filing the minutes of the previous year’s Annual General Meeting and
    any Special General Meetings held since the last Annual General Meeting
  • Receiving the Annual Report of Council
  • Receiving the Vice-President Finance’s report
  • Receiving the Auditor’s report
  • Appointing the Auditor for the coming year