Voting Period: February 14 – 16, 2023

Vote online through your SFU Mail.
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Liam Feng

Sierra Lau
Ashley Flett

Hey everybody, my name is Ashley Flett (they/she/ve) and I’m running for VP Equity and Sustainability!

I want to acknowledge that I’m from the stolen and unceded traditional territories of the Katzie and Kwantlen First Nations.

I am currently the philosophy councillor, Associate VP Equity and Sustainability, and the Vice-Chair of Council for the SFSS.

I have lived experience as a queer and neurodivergent person, and as such I want to run for VPES to help make the society a more equitable, sustainable, and accessible community!

As the current AVP Equity and Sustainability, and Vice-Chair of Council, I have experience working in the council space and collaborating with others (especially the executive team) for the benefit of all students. As chair or vice-chair of five committees, including the Equity and Sustainability committee, Oversight Committee of Executive Officers, and Space Oversight committee, I have run many meetings and written many motions, most of which pertain to supporting the diverse set of needs the SFSS seeks to address. I have skills and experience navigating both the administrative and interpersonal sides of the SFSS council, and have the perfect qualifications to perform the duties of the VPES portfolio.

If elected, I will seek to monetarily support our local SFU community by providing food-vouchers and bursaries for marginalized students. Because it is important that the SFSS aids undergraduate students at SFU and puts the resources they need in their hands.

Further, as a marginalized person who has faced difficulties navigating and entering the often-confusing system of the SFSS, I plan on organizing equity training sessions for council, FSUs, and DSUs, such that no student has to feel unwelcome or excluded, especially not because of their race, gender, sexuality, or ability. All with the hope of making the SFSS a more accessible place to everyone.

Lastly, I wish to uplift all students’ voices, so that everyone’s voice may be heard, and that the SFSS can give students what they need, rather than a minority of voices dictating the direction of a Student Society which should represent all of us.

If you are interested in an SFSS which prioritizes the needs of SFU undergraduate students, listens to their voices, and seeks to empower the society from the bottom-up, then remember to VOTE for Ashley Flett for VP Equity and Sustainability on February 14-16, via SFU email. Because together, we can make an SFSS that works for you!


Priyanka Kaur Dhesa

Hello SFU!

My name is Priyanka Dhesa, and I am running to be your next VP Equity and Sustainability. I am a 3rd-year student in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and I have been an active member of the SFU community for the past few years. Many students face unique hardships and barriers that can hinder their post-secondary education and experience at SFU, through the role of VP Equity and Sustainability I will aim to reduce these barriers and create a more inclusive SFU.

If elected as your next VPES, I will work towards accomplishing the following:

Creation of More Low-Barrier Bursaries & Use of OERs

The cost of post-secondary education places a major strain on students and can serve as an obstacle throughout their journey at SFU. In light of this, the financial relief provided by bursaries, scholarships, and grants can lessen the financial burden imposed on students’ shoulders. I want to work with the other executives to determine what support we can provide through the SFSS, while also working together to lobby SFU for accessible, low-barrier bursaries.

Moreover, in addition to the high expense of tuition fees, the cost of textbooks and course materials can disproportionately impact students and further the financial burden they face, with some students forgoing purchasing course materials to prevent the additional burden. By using open educational resources (OERs), we make courses and education more accessible to all students.

Mental Health Support

Work with Mental Health & Counselling to reduce wait times for counsellors and ensure adequate resources for crisis support in the case students are unable to see a counsellor immediately, while also placing an emphasis on providing culturally-safe and competent mental health services for our diverse membership.

Supporting Marginalized Students

Systemic issues and accessibility concerns adversely impact students from various marginalized groups and inhibit them from experiencing a sense of belonging and safety within the SFU community. As VPES, I will work directly with marginalized groups on campus to determine key barriers and concerns and corresponding courses of action.

Lobby for Cultural Competency Training to be Integrated in the SFU Medical School Curriculum

As consultations and development regarding the SFU Medical School begin, it is critical to hold SFU and other key stakeholders accountable to their promise on focusing on the needs of diverse communities and Indigenous knowledge systems. Despite the introduction of what is intended to be more comprehensive cultural competency training in curriculums in recent years, experiences of discrimination and prejudice continue to prevail within the current system. The medical school will be a significant addition to both the SFU community and the lower mainland; however, it is important that amidst its creation the voices and needs of marginalized groups are not lost.


Hold SFU accountable to their five-year sustainability plan.
Amplify and collaborate with future movements.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform, I encourage you to read the other platforms and make an informed vote!
FB: Priyanka Dhesa
IG: @priyankadhesa

Ayooluwa Adigun

Hello SFU!

I am Ayooluwa Adigun, and I am thrilled to be running for the position of VP Events and Student Affairs for 2023. I am an international 2nd year Psychology Major and Computer Science Minor. I am currently the Science Undergraduate Society Council Representative, as well as the Associate Vice President of Events and Student Affairs. I serve on the current Events and Student Affairs Committee as well. Some of you might even recognize me from the basketball and futsal courts and the football fields. I have enjoyed the past year working on various events, not only with the SFSS but the Science Undergraduate Society as well, and those two involvements are my primary encouragement for running for this position.

As your VPESA, my goals are:

  • To widen the scope of celebrated events to reflect the diversity of our school
  • Giving student-run projects the opportunity to branch out and gain exposure
  • Reinvigorating campus life
  • Helping more clubs start and stay in business
  • Fostering a better relationship with the SFSS and external organizations via events
  • Assisting student societies with any events they plan to hold

Vote via SFU mail from February 14th to the 16th
If you have any questions, I am reachable on the following:

Nancy Brar

Hi everyone, my name is Nancy (she/her). I am a 3rd-year Political Science major with a minor in legal studies. I am running for the VP External and Community Affairs position.

In high school, I was reasonably active as VP of Key Club. I acquired leadership and problem-solving skills like thinking on my feet, advocating, and supporting my team to the best of my ability. I am also involved in my community; as President of TAG at my local library, I learned to organize events and get others involved within the community.

As your VP External and Community Affairs, I aim to work toward the following:

  • Advocating for your best interests, making it easy for you to bring any concerns you may have to me.
  • Campaign the government for overall lower tuition
  • Advocate for more accessible mental health support by increasing the availability of these resources on campus
  • Campaign for better and lower housing on campus. Find out what you need to see for our housing situation to be improved.

Remember to vote on February 14-16 via SFU Mai!
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
Instagram: nancy.brar

Jadvinder Bolina

 Hi my name is Jad Bolina, I am a 4th year criminology major and I am running to be your VP Finance & Services within the SFSS. The core of my platform aims to set realistic expectations combined with a sense of transparency that I believe students need. 

These past couple years have seen multiple candidates run for positions within the SFSS making outlandish promises that the SFSS has no authority over and you deserve to know this. My platform aims to set real & proper expectations on what you can expect from me as VP Finance & Services. 

Over my time at SFU I have been very involved with on campus life on res as well as in clubs such as SFU MUN and have been active within the criminology student union too. Combining my experience on-campus as well as in the field of finance, I will aim to: 


  • Provide a bi-weekly report on the funds you have given to the SFSS. This will include:
    • Where the finances have gone and what has been done with it 
  • Provide appropriate funding for clubs and DSU’s when needed
    • Rather than giving a blank cheque, I would like to see what the clubs and DSU’s do with the money 
  • Look towards sponsorships to lower SFSS fees—this will be difficult but is an idea I would like to implement 


  • I will look to meet with all DSU’s and clubs, regardless of size, to see what they would need from me to help expand their organization 
  • Meet with councillors to ensure what I can do to help make student life better 
  • Bi-weekly financial reports on what clubs and DSU’s do with their spending 
  • Host monthly in-person meetings on what students would like to see moving forward 


  • See and hopefully expand SFU’s mental health initiatives towards students 
  • Aim to provide subsidies towards students who seek mental health off-campus too
    • Similar concept is being tried with our dental plan, and I believe we can do the same with a mental health plan too
  • Aim to expand and further fund the SFU safewalk program for those who may feel unsafe on campus late at night 

Over the course of my degree, I have seen candidates present overly unrealistic expectations on what they say they will do over the next year in the SFSS. I believe this is wrong as there was no transparency and honesty between the SFSS and the student body from the start. This is what has led me to run for this position to begin with, to bring about realistic expectations on what the SFSS can do and what in turn would help the student in the end. 

Thank you for reading my platform, don’t forget to vote on Feb 14-16 via SFU mail! 

Don’t forget to check out my Facebook too for more information! 


Leonarda Ognjenovic

Hello everyone! My name is Leonarda and I am running for VP Internal and Organizational Development. The reason why I wanted to join the SFSS is to work on the way the Union communicates with students, and to ensure that student’s social and mental health needs are met during their time at the university. The way I would do this is by working closely with the outreach committee, and recruiting a bigger team to tackle student engagement. I would work on improving our online ways of communication, as well as reaching out to students on campus.

I deeply care for our experience at the university and want to change the way that we look at the undergraduate lifestyle. We aren’t just machines; we’re people, with social, educational, and financial needs. I think the SFSS can improve on some of the issues I see around campus, it can be the place for students to go, to be together, to not just get through university, but to thrive and enjoy it! We need to create a positive environment for progress and for the health of our students!

We need to have places to be able to connect, and events that engage, that mean something. I believe that the SFSS can do this better, and can make all of our experience at the university something to remember.

Thank you.

Thomas Lueth

Navpreet Singh Sidhu