Your guide to
Student Grants

For all of the services listed below, you can reach the SFSS Student Centre by emailing

You can also call 778.782.3870.

Download Cheque Requisition Form Here

You only need to fill out the Accessibility Grant Application Form to apply. Please choose the format that is most accessible to you.

Please do not fill out the forms in your browser. Download the form, fill it out and send it to

Funding is available to help make events more accessible to students with disabilities.

The Simon Fraser Student Society Accessibility Fund began in 2005. Students with disabilities and any event organizer can use this fund to increase accessibility and remove barriers to participation in Student Society activities for disabled students and students with disabilities.

The Grant Application process has been updated in 2021 with more accessible forms, an easier process, and a focus on needs rather than event assessment. Please ensure that your application is to pay for a service that will address the needs of disabled students and students with disabilities.

“SFSS activities” mean any meetings and events organized by Departmental Student Unions, SFSS Clubs, or the SFSS.

Contact for more information or any feedback on the application process.

  • Grant requests must be submitted via the Club Portal under ‘Club Management Tools & Forms.’
  • Only club executives with fund/facilities roles can apply for a grant online through the club portal.
  • For requests under grants under $1,000.00, approved by Member Services Coordinators, must be submitted 10 business days (excluding submission and event day) in advance.
  • For requests of $1,000.00 and over, approved by the Member Services Coordinators and the Board of Directors, they must be submitted 20 business days (excluding submission and event day) in advance.
  • Proposals can be submitted at any time during the semester or a semester ahead to allow for advanced planning.
  • A grant may only be awarded in part. It helps to have other revenue sources to offset event costs, such as sponsorship, entrance fees, or charging for food/beverages, etc.
  • Any unused money will revert back to the grant pool to help support other club initiatives. Grants via proposal cannot be donated to off campus organizations, though they can be used to cover the material cost of holding a fundraiser.

When your club’s grand has been approved, please review the granted amounts carefully!

  • Receipts MUST fully match the granted budget line category ( eg. be for the cost of Decorations, Snacks/Drinks, Honoraria, etc.)
  • Receipts MUST be a detailed list of items (not simply your Debit / Credit print out)
  • Invoices and e-receipts MUST indicate payment was made
  • Invoices in other than English MUST identify the item purchased and country currency.

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